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#3 8 week CI series 3/26-5/14/2023


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the 8 week series format continues

the next round begins 3/26


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#3 CI 8 week series @ Lajja 3/26-5/14


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Another 8-week CI series 1/22/23 – 3/12/23



Farewell to 2022 w/ 4 days of Contact & Improvisation!!


Workshop- Contact and Improvisation: Questioning habits and embracing vulnerability. 
Live Music Jams nightly. 3 options for participating!

Carolyn Stuart and Eric Nordstrom offer a four-day Contact Improvisation intensive. 12 hours of workshops + 8 hours of jams. 
All levels welcome. Advance registration required!

When: Four days—December 28-31 
Daily schedule: Workshop 2:30-5:30 / Dinner break 5:30-7 / Jam 7-9
Where: Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR

Workshop Description 
All of us have knowledge, desires and fears. That is what we want to dance with. We’re curious to better understand our habits and embrace our vulnerability. In doing so, we can access a deeper connection to self and others. Understanding what habits we choose to embrace and where to step into the vulnerability of the unfamiliar reveals infinite possibilities.

Each day starts with a practice of arriving and tuning into self. We’ll cover specific skills from our shared movement research and teaching experiences. Practices are introduced to be present with ourselves and each other. Playfulness is highlighted to encourage our relationships to inform the dance.

To Register 
Registration is now open. All levels welcome. Advance registration required! To register, send a direct message to Eric Nordstrom- dance.eric@gmail.com saying which option you’d like:
Workshops ONLY – sliding scale $100-$200
Workshops + Live music jams – $140 – $250 
Live music jams ONLY – sliding scale $15 – $20/ per jam

Space is limited to 15 workshop participants and 30 people for the jams. If registering for jams only, please specify which day(s) you’d like to attend.

CAROLYN STUART has been a devotee of Contact Improvisation since 1984. Her research and development in the art of improvising in contact has spanned 17 countries, countless performances, hundreds of projects, and diverse populations.
Her primary teachers have been commitment to the process of exploration and the use of the blindfold.
Her mission is to make contact improvising accessible by distilling the vastness of possibility into the simplest of terms, including developing 7 Options at the Point of Contact.
The current edge of her investigation is applying the principles of the C.I. paradigm to life at large. If mutual well-being is possible on the dance floor, then what about off the dance floor too- for the generations to come!

ERIC NORDSTROM is a dance performer, filmmaker, and teacher living in Portland, OR. He teaches in the Dance Program at Lewis and Clark College and has taught at Conduit Dance, the Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation, contact festival Freiburg in Germany.
Eric has performed with Karen Nelson, Keith V. Goodman, and was a core company member of Oslund + Company. To help preserve Portland dance history, Eric created a documentary film Moving History: Portland Contemporary Dance Past and Present. To centralize and preserve dance history source material, Eric has partnered with Portland State University to create the Portland Dance Archives. He studied with filmmaker Mitchell Rose and choreographer Bebe Miller at The Ohio State University, where he earned his MFA in Dance.

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Back on the horsey!

Finally! After 2+ years excited to be sharing the Touchmonkey take on Contact Improvisation again!!

Yeeeee haaaaaahahaha…….


InterBeing: Contact & Improvisation 8-week Series

Sundays 6:30-8:30 / September 25 – November 13, 2022


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Solstice Saturday CI JAM @ Gracewood

Extended Saturday Jam on Solstice 12/21

@ Gracewood Studio / 4920 NE 55th / 97218

4-5 Intro to CI
5-7 CI Jam
7-11 Solstice Celebration!

Come Potluck your dreams at the turning of the light
into the year 2020 and beyond>>>>>>>>

Bring your visions, towel for hot tub, snacks to share, etc>>>>



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COMFORT & JOY ~ Thanksgiving JAM

Nov. 29 & 30, 2019

Thanksgiving weekend ~ Friday 1pm thru Sunday 4pm



A giving thanks for Contact Improvisation JAM

@ Gracewood Studio / 4920 NE 55th / Portland, OR


Come as you are to embody, celebrate, indulge, refine 
Y/OUR COMFORT & JOY via Contact Improvisation! 
All levels of experience welcome. 

The studio will be available 1pm Friday ’til 4pm Sunday for scheduled dancing sessions and what wants to happen in-between. It’s POTLUCK (kitchen available) and there’s a HOT TUB (bring towel).

Dancing schedule~

Friday ~ 1-4 & 7-10

Saturday ~ 11-2 & 4-10

Some overnight space available @ $10-20/night, if prearranged.

No fragrances (laundry detergents, scented personal products, etc…) Thank you!

Questions and registration at touchmonk@yahoo.com or 971-334-4599

Pre-pay option with donation button on this page>>>


Attention To Language

Recently, I dropped the word class from my CI vocabulary, feeling that the word lab is a better fit. Culturally, class implies that there is something to taught and learned. Lab implies a process experimentation and discovery. CI exists, uniquely, as an ongoing, unfolding exploration. I find that profound and have spent my CI career puzzling over how best to facilitate that process. People come to a class with conditioned expectations to obey the leader and get it right. I prefer the word lab because it suggests showing up in curiosity to explore and discover.

I also have dropped the word teacher when it refers to myself, but enjoy it when referring to the participants. My role as facilitator is to jump start investigations by offering structures to explore, relationally. I find it more accurate and empowering to own that we, each, are our own inner teacher, student, etc…  I want people in the room to be in charge of their experience, to show up in their fullness and complexity, so that we can explore what it means to be comfortable with our inherent diversity. My hypothesis is that it is fully possible to be unified by the fact of our diversity. Historically, that has not been the case. I strive to create a lab in which to explore the possibility of a more inclusive paradigm, one in which each we can feel connected by our curiosity about what is and what is possible. Our hardcore conditioning is to adapt ourselves to fit in, to forsake our freedom in order to belong. I experience CI as a paradigm that reveals the possibility to be free and to belong. To that end it feels important to examine the words I use to describe it and not assume that any words I use will necessarily communicate my intent.

I’m also considering swapping the word jam for lab. As CI grows in the world it needs our careful tending to maintain it as the unique alternative that it is. It needs those involved to have their voices, so that we, together, can move beyond the habits of our conditioning into mutual well-being. No small task.

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AND we dance JAM


Yes, WE DANCE, ThanksGiving Weekend!

November 23-25, 2018

Gracewood Studio / 4920 NE 55th / 97218


Contact Improvisation is a giving thing.
Giving Thanks is a good thing.

practice is a more thing
for our Belonging and Freedom
more of a good thing is a giving thing

SHOW UP to give thanks, to DANCE ;~)


Friday ~ 1-4 & 7-10

Saturday ~ 11-2 & 4-10

Sunday ~ 1-4

$10-20/session (NOTA – ask about work trade)


HOT TUB (bring towel)

Some overnight space available @ $10-20/night, if prearranged.
Register at touchmonk@yahoo.com or 971-334-4599
Pre-pay with donation button on this page>>>