Attention To Language

Recently, I dropped the word class from my CI vocabulary, feeling that the word lab is a better fit. Culturally, class implies that there is something to taught and learned. Lab implies a process experimentation and discovery. CI exists, uniquely, as an ongoing, unfolding exploration. I find that profound and have spent my CI career puzzling over how best to facilitate that process. People come to a class with conditioned expectations to obey the leader and get it right. I prefer the word lab because it suggests showing up in curiosity to explore and discover.

I also have dropped the word teacher when it refers to myself, but enjoy it when referring to the participants. My role as facilitator is to jump start investigations by offering structures to explore, relationally. I find it more accurate and empowering to own that we, each, are our own inner teacher, student, etc…  I want people in the room to be in charge of their experience, to show up in their fullness and complexity, so that we can explore what it means to be comfortable with our inherent diversity. My hypothesis is that it is fully possible to be unified by the fact of our diversity. Historically, that has not been the case. I strive to create a lab in which to explore the possibility of a more inclusive paradigm, one in which each we can feel connected by our curiosity about what is and what is possible. Our hardcore conditioning is to adapt ourselves to fit in, to forsake our freedom in order to belong. I experience CI as a paradigm that reveals the possibility to be free and to belong. To that end it feels important to examine the words I use to describe it and not assume that any words I use will necessarily communicate my intent.

I’m also considering swapping the word jam for lab. As CI grows in the world it needs our careful tending to maintain it as the unique alternative that it is. It needs those involved to have their voices, so that we, together, can move beyond the habits of our conditioning into mutual well-being. No small task.

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Holiday Dancing @ Gracewood

Contact Improvisation Tuesdays-

12/25 Christmas Day 7-10
1/1 New Year’s Day 7-10

Hot Tub (bring towel)


As usual a co-created sound and movement celebration.
Come as you are, to share and play with what else is possible!

Gracewood Studio / 4920 NE 55th / 97218

The regular Thursday LAB 7-9 & Saturday 4-7 class/jam will be happening, too.


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AND we dance JAM


Yes, WE DANCE, ThanksGiving Weekend!

November 23-25, 2018

Gracewood Studio / 4920 NE 55th / 97218


Contact Improvisation is a giving thing.
Giving Thanks is a good thing.

practice is a more thing
for our Belonging and Freedom
more of a good thing is a giving thing

SHOW UP to give thanks, to DANCE ;~)


Friday ~ 1-4 & 7-10

Saturday ~ 11-2 & 4-10

Sunday ~ 1-4

$10-20/session (NOTA – ask about work trade)


HOT TUB (bring towel)

Some overnight space available @ $10-20/night, if prearranged.
Register at touchmonk@yahoo.com or 971-334-4599
Pre-pay with donation button on this page>>>





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mini WOW of CONTACT retreat

October 13, 2018

A daylong to taste of The WOW of CONTACT!


10-8 @ Gracewood Studio / 4920 NE 55th / 97218


10am (sharp!) -12  ~ AWE (Awareness Witnessing Experience) ~ A practice to hone and expand awareness of our experience in the present moment. With awareness comes choice. Choice is required to care for ourselves and others. (no music)

12-1 ~ Potluck debrief & nosh.

1pm (sharp!) -3  ~ Prompt & Circumstance ~ Deepening our C.I. research. We’ll explore the application of prompts to our particular circumstances! Exploration furthers.

3-4 ~ Potluck debrief & nosh.

4-7 ~ The regular Saturday CI Class/Jam  https://contactgames.wordpress.com/classes-jams/contact-improv-jam/

7-8 ~ Potluck debrief & closing>>>>


Come for one or all the sessions! Bring snacks to luck the pot!!

$10-20 sliding  per session (NOTA & contribution appreciated! Talk to us.)

More info @ touchmonk@yahoo.com or 971-334-4599



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before the fall ~ pop-up jam

August 31 – September 3

Contact Improvisation Retreat

@ Gracewood studio / 4920 NE 55th / 97218


Wow, we share this profound practice of Contact Improvisation AND here are 3 days to explore in an urban haven, to make much more of a good thing!! 

I want to gather to ask what else is possible for us as a community! Think Swap Meet meets Inquiry. Use our practice to deepen our collaborative potential for more connection and support for one another, on and off the dance floor! 

 I want to play with the use of video, scores, improvised sound for movement, dancing outside as much as inside, to explore and discover with you! What are you interested in? Come as you are. Bring it! All are welcome. Mutual well-being is a relationship endeavor. More of a good thing. You in?


possible research topics ~ AUTHENTICITY & PLAY 

What is authentic? How do you know? If not authentic, then what? Why?

What is play? How do you know? If not play, then what? Why?  

What’s up for you? What are YOUR topics? Use the ‘leave a comment’ link in upper right corner of this page to prime the pump!


Scheduled sessions–    (studio available between scheduled times as well!)

Friday 31 ~ arrive from 5 & dance 7-10

Saturday 1 ~ dance 10-1  &  4-7  &  potluck and………….

Sunday 2 ~ dance 12-3  &  6-9

Monday 3 ~ dance 10-12  &  2-4  &  closing/leaving

Food potluck. Kitchen available.

Hot tub (bring towel). Fire pit. Trampoline. Rock band. Garden oasis. Instruments galore. Cool park ½ block away.    COME PLAY!!


Suggested donation-

$90 for the whole thing / $30 per day / $15 per session

Camping $10 per night. No pets.

NoOneTurnedAway & PayWhatYouCan (organizing is a time suck act of love so please do consider the value and pay /contribute as you are able).  Pre-event work trade is available. Thank you!

Use the paypal ‘donation’ button on the right of this page and email me at touchmonk@yahoo.com to declare your intentions.   Thank us.


Questions? email touchmonk@yahoo.com or call 971-334-4599






The WOW of Contact 2019

January 13-18, 2019

The 12th annual WOW of Contact

@ Breitenbush Hot Springs!!

w/ Touchmonkey (Carolyn Stuart & Patrick Gracewood)


You come. You show you what you do.

Aligning movement and presence we dance closer to ourselves and each other.


The retreat immersion is designed to support collaborative experimentation to grow our authenticity, agency and communion. By committing to curiosity we become more aware of what is and stretch into what else is possible. We’ll explore the idea that we can achieve unity through celebrating uniqueness. We’ll trust and invite our innate capacity to show up and shine and flow with what wants to happen!

The retreat develops each day from solo to partnered to group focuses. That said each is invited to stay connected to their needs in the moment. It is an experiment in collaborative liveliness and re-membering the awe in awkwardness.

Breitenbush Hot Springs and the heart of winter is a magical container to hold and support our journey into mutual well-being. We hope that you can give yourself the gift of joining us.


Retreat schedule-

~8-9 Breakfast

~9:30-11:30 AWE (Awareness Witnessing Experience) ~

A practice to hone and expand awareness of our experience in the present moment. With awareness comes choice- the freedom necessary to care for ourselves and others. (no music)

~1-2 Lunch

~3-5:30 Prompt & Circumstance ~

Deepening our C.I. research. Exploring the application of prompts to circumstances! Participation is divine.

~5:30-6 sharing/gleaning circle

~6-7 Dinner

~7:30-10:00 Evening events ~

Sunday-  Intro & Mixers

Monday-  Jamming Scores

Tuesday-  Performance Play

Wednesday-  TBD

Thursday-  Closing Party


To view the workshop details-   https://breitenbush.com/january-workshops/

To view the cost of lodging info-  https://breitenbush.com/lodging-descriptions/

To register you must call Breitenbush 503-854-3320. Please note the earlier the better to get the lodging you wish and definitely no later than one week prior, as they begin reallocating cabins at that time.

FYI- We have kept the presenter fee as low as possible to allow more people access. Out of that fee we return $93 per participant back to Breitenbush for additional retreat expenses. So, we cannot personally offer you a discount. But, you can apply to Breitenbush for scholarship funds by going to- https://breitenbush.com/scholarships/

AND until i can figure out how to get this page where it belongs you can go to the https://contactgames.wordpress.com/the-wow-of-contact/ tab to view general info on The WOW and documents of previous year’s WOW’s.

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RESET w/C.I. (see I)

P1090260October 21, 2017   10am – 7pm

Gracewood Studio / 4920 NE 55th / 97218



Daylong CI retreat

to see I see you see I

to reset our nervous systems

to inherent belonging and freedom

to remember and re-member

our power and our peace

in the one and only

here and now


to be




A day to drop, to reset.

Yay. You bet!


Format:  Check-in/Dance/Check-out. Repeat….  Co-create. Reset.

3 Dancing sessions @ 10-12 / 1-3 / 4-7

Potluck style noshing on breaks.

Hot tub. Bring towel.


$10/session & $20-40 (sliding) for the day

Register w/ payment using ‘Donate’ button to the right>

Questions- touchmonk@yahoo.com