RESET w/C.I. (see I)

RESET w/C.I. (see I)

October 21, 2017   10am – 7pm Gracewood Studio / 4920 NE 55th / 97218   RESET w/CI Daylong CI retreat to see I see you see I to reset our nervous systems to inherent belonging and freedom to remember and re-member our power and our peace in the one and only here and now […]

I have a perspective in CI

I have a perspective in CI. My spiel goes something like this- In the beginning they (Steve & friends) explored moving while in contact. Finding much to share, they decided to offer it up as an ongoing, open, evolving exploration with one operative- to take care of yourself, first. Caring for one’s self infers the entirety […]

ACCEPTING (and playing with!) WHAT IS

September 18-22, 2017 ACCEPTING (and playing with!) WHAT IS POP-UP JAM At Gracewood Studio / 4920 NE 55th / Portland, OR / 97218 An alternative to the cancelled (due to fire danger) Breitenbush Fall Contact Jam!   Three sessions/day-  10-12  &  2-4  &  7-9   (except Tuesday the 19th we’ll dance at the Village Ballroom) Limited […]

mayday mayday

wow, how/when/where/why it happened? dunno, but i turn 70 on the 17 of the 17 of this two thousand in the season of self-heal and forget-me-not auspicious time for calling get-together no duck and run for me this round show up and commit to the fun so be it. hope you can come!!!! I’ve lined […]

our process + performance example

~from a survey request in 2010 & example of said process from performance at 2008 Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation~ Margaret’s Ghost HD-complete Describe the style/genre of dance you work in: Contact Improvisation How many years have you been presenting your own dance works (choreographed or improvised)? 33 years- 7 in modern dance, 26 and […]

Here’s to the next 20 from 20 ago!

Finally putting a little toe into the digital video age to be able to show as well as tell! This is an improvised performance at the West Coast C.I. Festival in the mid 90’s. It was one of several that came out of playing with the spectrum of choices from passive to active. Since then, […]

Union founds diversity

Some imagine that I dance to cope. Yes, it can help in that way. But, more to the point, to a much greater degree, I dance to evolve! Contact Improvisation offers an alternate paradigm to the cultural one that is sustainable and nourishing for all involved. It is extremely challenging to change paradigms, to become […]