The WOW of Contact 2020

January 19-24, 2020

The 13th annual WOW of Contact

@ Breitenbush Hot Springs- Detroit, Oregon

w/ TOUCHMONKEY (Carolyn Stuart & Patrick Gracewood)


The WOW of Contact 2020

Why The WOW?

To immerse. Together. In endless curiosity in what it means to care. To notice what we do and explore what else is possible. 5 days! to connect and ask how You and Me do WE!!
To drop in, together, in our bodies. Bodies cannot lie. They are the present moment. They know what is and what wants to happen.
To gather and listen to our relating.
To reset frazzled nervous systems by allowing the creatures that we are to be welcomed and enough as we are, in our becoming.
To welcome and design 2020, the new decade that must save us from the impact of a system that is organized to divide us.

WOW to the power of contact to connect and improvisation to care.
WOW to the uniting of infinite wows with respect and tenderness.
And it’s #13, magic is afoot!



US is the united support
that is available when we ACCESS
the AXIS that is the shared point of contact.

Use contact and improvisation to be one and autonomous, simultaneously!
Experience the interdependent sweet spot of belonging and freedom when we share the point of contact, as our dance floor.
Tune in and explore our capacity to sense and follow what needs to happen when all matter on a level playing field.


Each day the retreat moves from focusing on soloing to partnering to group activities. Each person is invited to research the AND of staying true to individual needs while staying connected to an immediate partner and the all that is.
This retreat is for you if you love to be curious about authenticity, agency and communion.

Breitenbush Hot Springs and the womb of winter is a magical container to hold and support a journey into mutual well-being. We hope that you can give yourself the gift of joining us.



Retreat schedule-

8 – 9   Breakfast

9:30 – 11:30   AWE (Awareness Witnessing Experience)

We’re always having experience, but how aware are we of it?
This is a practice to hone and expand the awareness of our experience in the present moment. Awareness is our connection to what is occurring. Through awareness we access choice in relationship to what is occurring. Choice is necessary to care for ourselves and others, thus we cultivate awareness.

11:30 – 12:00   Debrief & glean circle

1:00 – 2:00   Lunch


Deepening our C.I. research. We will explore the applying of prompts to our individual circumstances! Prompts will be offered and all are invited to share prompts with the group. All are invited to apply those prompts to their unique circumstances. All are encouraged to ask what it means to be true to oneself, interested in and respectful of others’ experience and curious about the resulting  relationship between self and other and the whole that we create. In doing so we cultivate the possibility of being unified by the fact of our diversity and grow the potential for mutual well-being.

5:30 – 6:00   Debrief & glean circle

6:00 – 7:00   Dinner

7:30 – 10:00   EVENING EVENTS
Sunday-  Intro & Mixers
Monday-  Jamming Scores
Tuesday-  Performance Play
Wednesday-  TBD
Thursday-  Closing Party


To view workshop details-

To view lodging descriptions and rates-

To register you must call Breitenbush 503-854-3320. Please note the earlier the better to secure the lodging you wish and definitely register before 1/11, as they begin reallocating cabins at that time.

FYI- We have kept the presenter fee as low as possible to allow more people access. Out of that fee we return $99 per participant back to Breitenbush for additional retreat costs. That said we cannot offer you a discount and gladly would receive additional contributions!!    >>;~)>>  see ‘Donate’ button on this page>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

And Breitenbush does offer scholarship discount. You can apply to Breitenbush @



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