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The WOW of Contact 2019

January 13-18, 2019

The 12th annual WOW of Contact

@ Breitenbush Hot Springs!!

w/ Touchmonkey (Carolyn Stuart & Patrick Gracewood)


You come. You show you what you do.

Aligning presence and movement, we dance closer to ourselves and each other.


The retreat immersion is designed to support collaborative experimentation to grow our authenticity, agency and communion. By committing to curiosity we become more aware of what is and able to stretch into what else is possible. We’ll explore the idea that we can achieve unity through celebrating uniqueness. We’ll trust and invite our innate capacity to show up and shine and flow with what wants to happen!

The retreat develops each day from solo to partnered to group focuses. That said, each is invited to stay connected to their needs in the moment. It is an experiment in collaborative liveliness and re-membering the awe in awkwardness.

Breitenbush Hot Springs and the heart of winter is a magical container to hold and support our journey into mutual well-being. We hope that you can give yourself the gift of joining us.


Retreat schedule-

~8-9 Breakfast

~9:30-11:30 AWE (Awareness Witnessing Experience) ~

We’re always having experience, but are we aware of it?
This is a practice to hone and expand awareness of our experience in the present moment. Awareness is the basis of our connection to what is occurring. Awareness is essential to access choice in relationship to what is occurring. Access to choice is necessary to care for ourselves and others. (No music.)

11:30-12 debrief/glean circle

~1-2 Lunch

~3-5:30 Prompt & Circumstance ~

Deepening our C.I. research. We will explore the applying of prompts to circumstances! All are invited to share prompts with the group. All are invited to apply those prompts to their unique circumstances. All are encouraged to ask what it means to be true to oneself, interested in and respectful of other’s truths and curious about the resulting  relationship between self and other. In doing so we cultivate the possibility of being unified by the fact of our diversity and grow the potential for mutual well-being.

~5:30-6 debrief/glean circle

~6-7 Dinner

~7:30-10:00 Evening events ~

Sunday-  Intro & Mixers

Monday-  Jamming Scores

Tuesday-  Performance Play

Wednesday-  TBD

Thursday-  Closing Party


To view the workshop details-   https://breitenbush.com/january-workshops/

To view the cost of lodging info-  https://breitenbush.com/lodging-descriptions/

To register you must call Breitenbush 503-854-3320. Please note the earlier the better to get the lodging you wish and definitely no later than one week prior, as they begin reallocating cabins at that time.

FYI- We have kept the presenter fee as low as possible to allow more people access. Out of that fee we return $93 per participant back to Breitenbush for additional retreat expenses. That said we cannot offer you a discount and gladly receive additional contributions!!    >>;~)>>  see ‘Donate’ button on this page>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                And Breitenbush does offer scholarship discount. You can apply to Breitenbush @ https://breitenbush.com/scholarships/


One comment on “The WOW of Contact 2019

  1. WOW 2019 feedback
    Much fun and happiness this year! Very nice mix of people and dances. Especially appreciated Thursday afternoon exercise, expanded dancing options and opportunities to dance with 3 people I had not danced with before. I hope to come back.
    A beautiful journey of letting go of imposed and adaptive survival patterns allowing the experience of being a mammal to unfold leading to more fully embracing being human. A journey filled with possibilities, curiosity and joy.
    Thank you for creating a space/energy group where I can explore body/creativity/trust.
    I was able to explore, feel, stretch, know my body.
    You have created another world, an alternate realm. Peace, contentment, joy. This is unique, special and precious. I don’t have a critique or suggestions. Only to please continue.
    Contact reminds us to live life. It demonstrates a way to move on the floor and life where openness gets to do it’s magic. Touch is magic. Life is magic. You are MAGIC.
    I love WOW. Carolyn and Patrick are excellent teachers. They encouraged me to explore the dance by being present. The people that come are fantastic. Many levels of experience contribute to the understanding I’ve gained coming to The of Contact. Thank you!
    I appreciate the fluid and open container. It was a good ratio of experienced to new people. I had a great time. The residential nature of the WOW allows for deepening of connection off of the dance floor, which in turn helps on the dance floor. I appreciate the odd little corners of contact improv that Carolyn and Patrick explore.

    This experience as a whole has been extraordinarily amazing? this was my first retreat and my first true introduction for Contact Improv. I was a bit overwhelmed at first, but the small size of the group and the balance of unrestrained structure allowed for a secure, safe and trusting environment for me to explore and expand?
    I have learned and grown so much this past week, through my dance, through my understanding and intuition of movement and also from a personal mind-body-soul connection.
    With the framework that you’ve created I feel that contact improv is more of connection improv because it goes deeper than just the for of contact.
    My gratitude goes beyond works on paper? I cannot thank you and the jam group enough for your continuous generosity of instruction, support, patience and connection!
    WOW A journey into self, into the group, into nature, spirit, truth. Feeling thankful for the opportunity. I thought you held the space beautifully. Loved the instruments, props, circles, challenges and connections. It’s a big job as facilitator. You could share it more if you want, but don’t need to as you do a great job.

    Gently revealing the profound simple, accessible, life changing contact. Slowing down, moving at the speed of awareness. See me, feel me. Deep relaxation, restorative. Beautifully facilitated, perfect balance between for and formlessness. Thank you for your kindness and generosity, sharing your life’s work impeccably.

    Sovereignty. Be myself with others. Be present with others while maintaining my self- my connection. Look outside. See earth. Home. Pull earth up through the ground, up through my body out tip of my head. Dance with the ground running through me into every point of contact- with earth, air, partner, floor. Feel the floor through my partners = new personal score. Vulnerability + transparency + mourning kick isolation in the buttocks. It was most socially aware contact workshop for me. Awareness = care for self, extend to partners, extend to room.
    Carolyn posed the question ‘what is structure?’ I wondered is it ‘beginning, middle and end’ format? Is it a set of instructions? What resonates with me is the idea of ‘concept transmission’. There are fields of play, it seemed to me and Thursday afternoon when we did short segments around a concept it was a type of ‘concept transmission’ and in the way, I felt a sense of structure.
    I was perfectly and wholly content with the exploration and permission to explore my own ‘concept transmission’. I didn’t feel ‘told’ to ‘perform’ or execute a particular way. Most importantly, there was very little value judgment of this is ‘right or ‘wrong’ or ‘good’ or ‘bad’. We didn’t really ever comment explicitly on another’s dance in a judging manner either. This a solid and beautiful foundation to just develop my own point of contact. My favorite terms- Awareness Witnessing Experience, Strong and Flexible, Awareness = Safety, Take Care of Yourself, first.
    WOW! Thank you Carolyn and Patrick and all creative soles/souls. Deep dive into self. Questions of how to live that discovery in outer world- in partnership, in community. Role of intention, container, boat (bobby), rudder.
    Spaciousness to practice holding tension without disassociating, checking out, going numb, returning to the nest of safety. Keep extending OUR after drinking deeply from the IN. Sharing the nourishment, helping others to find the well so we can build the NEW EARTHship. Right relationship to mind, point, intention. Right relationship to emotion, energy wave, river, well. Right relationship to body, creation, expression, matter, manifestation. Basking in beauty of other, in beauty of self, in the co-creation
    I really enjoyed this year’s WOW — it was my favorite of the four I’ve attended. Your new structure and the mix of participants worked very well for me. I had a rich and meaningful time, both on and off the dance floor. Thank you!
    Moving most of the circle time to after the sessions worked well. I think that the discussions were more grounded, fruitful, and interesting because they were based on what we had just experienced. Although I would enjoy even more structure, I am seeing that your emphasis on co-creation has many benefits. For example, the afternoon when we had a score of “contrast” and rotated through partners was perhaps my favorite afternoon session ever. It worked so well, I think, because we had instruction and demonstration from you and Patrick, and then we were able to try it out for ourselves and teach each other (which is an excellent pedagogic technique).
    Thanks again for providing the opportunity for us to gather and explore. WOW!

    creative, beauty, fun, serenity, calm, tempest, shake it up, play, hard, soft, springy, push, pull, play, fall, thud, melt, stretch, explore, initiate, follow, play

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