The WOW of Contact 2015

 The WOW of Contact 2015 w/ Touchmonkey @ Breitenbush Hot Springs


January 11-16, 2015

The 8th annual WOW of Contact @ Breitenbush Hot Springs

Registration is now open!!

All levels welcome. Each begins where they are and expands from there.

Call Breitenbush 503-854-3320 to make a deposit and secure your spot now at early bird rate (until 12/13)!

This year’s focus-


N    O   W



AND– the all-inclusive is

NOW– the how of just this moment

The AND is the contact. The NOW is the improvisation.

Support precedes movement. Movement influences support.

When contact precedes improvisation, improvisation informs connection.

Contact as the source of the improvisation creates an interdependent dance of relationship. Each uses the contact to become aware of the choices being made and what else is possible. Each is at choice point with infinite options. Yet, it is not overwhelming. The dance can only unfold in the just now of just this!

Contact as the source of the improvisation creates a unified structure that offers continuous support and freedom in the dance of mutual well-being.

Content of the event will include-

1- AWARENESS curiosity & continuity

2- SUPPORT sensation & in in in

3- OPTIONS choice & specificity

4- SPECTRUMS tendency & possibility

5- GAMES focus & commitment

6- PERFORMANCE presence research

7- EVOLUTION exploration & expansion

8- MYSTERY neutrality & wonder

See reports from The WOW 2014

2 comments on “The WOW of Contact 2015

  1. oh my, 2015 is being quite the up ante year. yay and finding myself behind in the wrapping up and the gleaning/debriefing department. here are a few comments from The WOW 2015-

    Oh Dear WOW, you danced me from sleepy mornings, slow, dark, tracking each stretch and shiver, to the full release of my body into the dance.
    The concepts presented were insight-filled and useful for contact. I would learn them in my body if I could focus on each concept (for example, each of the 7/8 options a the point of contact) with a partner or the whole room and investigate it. I appreciated the suggestion that we each do this on our own, and I did, which yielded deep learning.
    I so love both of your teaching. Thank You!!
    WOW the opportunity to SLOW DOWN and listen to ME! My desires, my edges, where I want to grow, my assumptions, my judgments & where/how to have NEW options.
    Really connected w/unity + autonomy, puzzle/ideas/language, going into the nuanced physical details + widening out to contact as the playground/experiment for life lessons – the hard shit – the programming + undoing, the opportunity to study, to explore, to focus, to question, to grow and to bloom, grounding into the sensitivity + flexibility + power of my feels connection. THANK YOU.
    I came alone, and I showed me what I do. All the way from Texas with only knowing a few people slightly in the Portland area. Already knowing this quiet introspective almost shy side of me that’s seemed to dominate my direction the past couple of years. Inward… thoughts of how do I further my self-mastery seems more important than making friends and beginning new romantic relationships. Even the dance is only for me. Feeling myself on a big floor but (importantly beside other people (my Sangha) is powerfully informative and cleansing every time.
    Perhaps it’s weird to travel so far at not small expense to be so introverted and selfish with my time, body and energy but that’s what I did. And I feel content. Satisfied. More self-knowing. So thank you Patrick & Carolyn for offering a time, space, and opportunity for a huge variety of experience to happen. What I learned- I like even smaller groups in pristine quiet environments. I communicate best non-verbally. I’m taking home a new practice to offer my friends and clients. (standing/walking around and on bodies. Hang a trapeze bar.) Take a writing course, explore more non-sexual physical intimacy practices. All good, wouldn’t change a thing!

    The distillation of the dance holds me, allows me to be seen/witnessed as a CI dancer. It is incredible to be seen & held as I am! As I dance! As I move through all that is!

    i got to experience mutual co-creation flying!
    i got to ask “what’s the point” over and over
    and be supported in finding out
    what delights me about mutual co-creation.
    the feeling through me into my partner,
    the feeling through my partner into me,
    and all that is possible in that degree of shared presence.
    i discovered i hadn’t been delighting because i was so high tone.
    i was supported to explore/experience between high & low tone.
    this allowed me to feel my self while moving –
    feeling myself while still has been much easier for me.
    i let myself be as still as i needed to be and got access to so much internally.
    such gifts… deeper connection to myself and others in stillness & movement.
    thank you for creating a safe space that so much love could happen in.

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