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Thanksgiving 2016 C.I. Jam

IMG_6583November 25-27, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 C.I. Jam

@ Gracewood Studio / 4920 NE 55th / 97218

drop, drool, dally, delight, discover…….   Treat yourself  to 2 & ½ days of dancing!!

The substance and trajectory of dance times will be designed by those present. Bring your curiosity, desire, intention, questions, scores, instruments…….. etc. to offer up and collaborate with.

In addition to an open studio for dancing, scheduled dancing times are-







4-7  (the regular Saturday Class/Jam time that will be honored as such and included in the event)




Food will be improvised and potluck. Kitchen available, stores close-by.

Bring towel for hot tub.  No fragrances please!

Housing is not available on site, but probably easy to locate via either Portland Contact Improvisation or Sacred Circle Dance Community – Ecstatic Dance in PDX facebook pages or airbnb.com

$55-$88 sliding scale for part or all of the event. 20% of proceeds go to Standing Rock

Space is limited. Please commit by preregistering! To do so use the Donate  button (to the right on this page) or send check to Carolyn Stuart / 4920 NE 55th / Portland, OR / 97218

Questions? Email touchmonk@yahoo.com or call 971-334-4599

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July 4th InteRdepenDANCE

JULY 4th, 2016    

10 am – midnight

Set dancing times will be 10-12 & 3-5, followed by potluckin’ and more dancin’!

A DAY of InteRdepenDANCING

To gather and celebrate by dancing our interdependence!

Drop by or linger, dance and lounge, potluck and schmooze.

Bring yourself (and a friend?) as you are and something to share.

There will be bbq, hot tub (bring towel) and a fire.

And sleeping over possible!

$11-$33 suggested donation (as you can afford, no one turned away)

Gracewood Studio / 4920 NE 55th / 97218

Questions? touchmonk@yahoo.com or 971-334-4599


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Another WOWzer approaches!

The 9th WOW of Contact w/ Touchmonkey @ Breitenbush Hot Springs coming  January 10-15, 2016!

Five precious days and nights to step away from the devices, the habits, the dramas, the duties and drop into the here and now, into the dance of being in the context of together!

A time to notice and dream. To question and quench what it means to connect and play. To explore and rewire the peace that our hearts require to relax and thrive.

C.I. develops by the practice of it. Identifying the ideas we carry about what we are doing is advantageous to evolve in our exploration. When intentions are named they create a frame of reference, a context to observe and deepen in our research.


Ideas that I bring from and for my practice of C.I. are-

*that it is our nature, our human circumstance, to be unique and connected at the same time.

*that it is of benefit to attend to this us that we are, to the relating of the you of you and the I of I.

For each to be supported in their truth by a web of acceptance that is curious and encouraging and caring is what I want for myself, and the world!


WOW. What do you bring? What do you yearn for? What will you practice? How will you grow?

Early discount registration ends 12/14. Housing options diminish after 12/29. The limit of participants is 20. Sign up now @ 503-854-3320


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The dance of Contact Improvisation is a way to evolve our nature and power to be connected and free for the mutual benefit of each and all.


to what is and

to what else is possible

in this soup which we concoct

by our being and our doings, in contact

improvising for the sake of our mutual well being


to the path of curiosity

guiding us to our deepest longing

of belonging and freedom existing together, forever

the Point of Contact is the Point of Contact

the point of contact is where connected and free co-create

to inform, support and fine tune what it means for all to thrive, here and now


Come, join others at The 9th annual WOW of Contact @ Breitenbush Hot Springs to immerse for 5 days in the mystery and the wonder of the nurturing, sustainable paradigm called Contact Improvisation.

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Definitions of 4/14/15

A Contact Improvisation Sutra (sutra means thread!)

With threads of awareness all becomes possible.

With threads of possibility nothing is needed.

Threads are the disguising of transitions.

Threads allow the seamless unfolding.

Threads are the wonder and magic.


A Contact Improvisation Game-

Players contact to connect.

Players connect to relate.

Players relate to improvise.

Players improvise to care.

Players care to benefit.

Mutual benefit wins.


Reminders: on-going Class, Jam, Lab & the up-coming InterdepenDancing

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What does the movement of the present moment reveal about the and of you?

Which aspects are at the fore, which do you leave at the door?

What are you doing, what are you hoping for?

How greedy is it okay to be?

Do you know?


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Coming 2/28 ~ All About Support

Another Daylong Immersion in Contact Improvisation @ Gracewood Studio / 4920 NE 55th / 97218 (use gate by garage)

2/28 ~ 10-3:30pm (followed by regular C.I. Class/Jam 4-7pm!)

$55 (more if you can, less if you inquire) includes C.I. Class/Jam that follows

All About Support

Support supports. Support holds. Support contains. Support frees. Support is.

Support is constant. You are always supported. Period.

Support is the basis of movement. Period.

Let us spend the day exploring how we seek, invite, find, feel, receive, give, take, ask for, relate to support.

Let us experiment with tracking support as the thread of connection that  grounds and frees our simultaneous and autonomous movement expression.

How do you relate to support? How curious, interested are you in support? How willing, generous are you to explore the implications of mutual support? If not support, then what? Come declare, come discover!

Pre-pay on paypal button to the right, drop a check in the mail 4920 NE 55th / Portland, OR / 97218 or at pay the door.

All welcome. Dress to move and bring snacks for the break. No fragrance please!