DSC02566TOUCHMONKEY is a perspective in Contact Improvisation that has grown out of the dancing relationship between Carolyn Stuart and Patrick Gracewood over 30 years.  They currently host 2 sessions/week and events throughout the year at Gracewood Studio / 4920 NE 55th / Portland, OR / 97218.

Carolyn Stuart has been a devotee of Contact Improvisation since 1984.

Her research and development in the art of improvising in contact has spanned 17 countries, hundreds of projects, and diverse populations.

Her primary teachers have been commitment to the process of exploration and the use of the blindfold.

Her mission is to make contact improvising accessible by distilling the vastness of possibility into the simplest of terms.

The current edge of her investigation is applying the principles of the C.I. paradigm to life at large. If mutual well-being is possible on the dance floor, then what about off the dance floor too- for the generations to come!


Email: touchmonk@yahoo.com
Phone: 971-334-4599

Patrick Gracewood is a professional artist.

As sculptor and dancer he’s interested in the intersection of movement and stillness.
A strong sense of play influences his art and his dance. “Through play is how I learn and create.”

Touchmonkey Performance video:

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