Why Contact ‘Games’?

Games provide a combination of lighthearted fun and focused intent.
Games use improvisation.
Games define points of contact to contain the exponential nature of improvisation.
Games depend upon commitment to self and awareness of others.
Games bring liveliness of engagement and attention to the details of the present moment.
Games require presence and action, and outcome is a result of the journey taken.

Consider this-
Every moment of life is a game being played- rules are being followed, strategies acted out, outcomes occurring.
Games are in play, playing with each other.
Playing games with awareness we access the power inherent in our creation of them.
Playing games without awareness we are at their whim and mercy.
Which serves the greatest good? Awareness!
Awareness creates choice. Choice influences outcomes.
In taking on the frame of games, we claim and influence reality.
Stepping into the roles of designer, participant, coach, referee and scorekeeper gives the opportunity to fine tune our experience.

When aware of the games you play, you gain access to the rules, objectives and outcomes that you create. With the awareness of ‘what is happening’, the ‘what else is possible’ comes into view. The what is plus what else is your choice point- your ability to change the game at any moment to better serve your own well-being and the well-being of all that you’re connected to.
When aware of the games you play you can become curious about, attuned and responsive to the games that others play.
This information helps distinguish reality from projection, setting us free to simply be.

3 comments on “Why Contact ‘Games’?

  1. Yes, yes and yes again! Oh dear touchmonk/monkey this is the diving board!

  2. gorgeous ! you may enjoy reading this — scroll down to the part titled “Notes on Playing” http://users.telenet.be/Tango-E-Vita/tango/humor.htm 🙂 enjoy, mitra

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