The WOW of Contact 2014

January 12-17, 2014

Rolling into The 7th annual WOW of Contact!

@ Breitenbush Hot Springs– Detroit, Oregon

w/ Touchmonkey – Carolyn Stuart & Patrick Gracewood


Yet another glorious 5 day opportunity in the womb of winter and the wondrous waters of Breitenbush to drop into contact and improvise!

What am I/You/We doing? What else is possible?

The focus of the 2014 inquiry will be the One and Only guideline in C.I.

~’To take care of yourself, first.’~  What does that mean to You? & How do You do it?

A pivotal point of the investigation asks- IS IT AS GOOD FOR ME AS IT IS FOR YOU?

Contact Improvisation is a dance form that invites us to explore moving while in physical contact. It is a continuous and unfolding experiment. We’ll use the point of ‘Contact’ as the source of the ‘Improvisation’- to explore, discover and share our findings. Three two-hour sessions available each day. In the mornings we focus on becoming intimate with the self, in the afternoons on the specifics of self in relationship, and in the evenings on group experience.

We’ll inquire in the moment, in relationship, at choice point, taking care, co-creating-
to deepen in and expand the capacity for belonging and autonomy, to refine the art and purpose of personal power, to explore interdependence as support for each One and the ONE that each is a part of.

All are welcome.

Bring your curiosity and willingness to begin where you are and become that which celebrates our diversity and sustains us all. We gather to develop the art of interbeing- when in contact we belong, when improvising we are free.

You must call Breitenbush 503-854-3320 to secure a spot and select your preferred housing option. Register by 12/13 and receive 20% discount on the presenter fee!

Please take advantage of the Leave a Reply below to begin the inquiry and sharing on how ‘to take care of yourself, first’!

And view The WOW of CONTACT 2013

10 comments on “The WOW of Contact 2014

  1. […] Consider immersing in the exploration of how you care for yourself via the point of contact- 5 days in, heart of winter, warm water, small group, curious supportive atmosphere!   January 12-17 @ Breitenbush Hot Springs […]

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  4. […] Begin a new year by giving yourself the gift of immersing in them for 5 days in the arms of Breitenbush Hot Springs at the WOW of CONTACT 2014 […]

  5. What is the cost of the class and lodging? Do participants need to attend every day? Prorated housing and event fee if I attend fewer days? Not sure I can get this much time away

  6. January 12-17, 2014 Patrick Gracewood and I hosted the 7th annual WOW of Contact @ Breitenbush Hot Springs, an annual 5-day retreat to immerse in the research of Contact Improvisation. The theme we explored this year was the only directive in C.I., ‘to take care of yourself, first’. To support the investigation we offered three sessions each day that progressed from focusing primarily on one’s self to exploring with partners to engaging as a group. C.I. was designed to be owned and developed by those involved, to grow by an unfolding co-creative process. We offered our particular thread of research as a jumping off point for the participants to claim and expand their own version of C.I.

    Below is some of the feedback from this year’s event.

    The dates for the 8th annual WOW of Contact are January 11-16, 2015!!

    The WOW of Contact has exceeded my expectations! There are experiences and skills from this week that will have benefit far beyond my dancing life. The week started with an invitation to take care of yourself. This gave me the latitude to do exactly what I want and not to be ashamed about acting out my needs. This setting also encouraged an understanding of others wants. It’s easy to be stuck in a mode where either I’m getting what I want or you are getting what you want. The dancing here has brought to light that our wants/interests can support and foster one another. In this space I feel the most human, who I am unfolds in front of me. – Eric Nordstrom-

    I came to The WOW of Contact because I wanted to build a foundation for my contact improv practice. Historically, I’d be consistent and then stop for a while- the main reason being fear. I was intimidated by this, even thought I loved it from my first class.

    I got my foundation and a whole lot more. Carolyn and Patrick do such a beautiful job of holding space and creating a safe container for us to learn techniques of balance and support, using each other to have the dance we want and getting the support we need for that dance tot be rooted and stable. One of the things about Contact Improv that has always struck me is that the rules for safe contact also apply to life. “Take care of yourself, first.” Good contact is healthy interdependence. By using my partner for support, my partner knows where I am in the dance and can use me for support.

    As these days have progressed, I feel like I have taken the precepts in, not just through my mind, but in my body.

    I think that makes a powerful foundation that leaves me with nothing left to say except. WOW! – Mana –

    The WOW of Contact- a gently facilitated experience….. celebrating the unique gifts, needs, desires of EACH participant moment by moment by moment. spaciousness to come and go. in in in in in . solid ground for anchoring self-care, investigation, exploration growth, inquiry. WOW. -Elizabeth-

    The WOW of Contact provided me an incredible space and community to explore my movement practice. I left the workshop feeling like I had deeply investigated my movement habits and become more aware of new, interesting possibilities for how I move by myself and with others. This workshop has sparked a great curiosity to continue learning about my own automated patterns and habits and how I can replace them with something juicier. –Joseph Vincent-

    This week has opened spaces and portals of investigation….. exploring the diverse range of movement for self and in relation to other. Challenging at times yet co-created magic that kept me “in”….. Appreciating the conversations evoked, authentic responses both in body and verbally. Truly excited to take home with me all the pieces experienced and flavors tasted. – Kimchee-

    Seeing the changes in the faces, from clouded to shining, all ‘round- there’s the testimony! -participant

    What I noticed most during this contact jam was gaining more permission to notice my comfort zone and ways to be curious and step our of it, tools to find the movement that arises spontaneously, and ways to deepen my awareness of what is true for me while also sensing how my partner is responding. All of these translate into the rest of my life as I notice patterns in my relationships to others and use my curiosity to connect with more ease and fullness. If I had a moment where I felt bored I would ask myself what i wanted that i wasn’t allowing myself to explore. –participant-

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