The WOW of Contact 2016

January 10-15, 2016 

The 9th annual WOW of Contact w/ Touchmonkey


@ Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit OR



2016~   The WONDER & The MYSTERY Tour

the wonder and the mystery is ours to have and to hold, manage and mold. to tell and be told, to boldly unfold….

C.I. was dedicated to the practice of exploring movement while in contact, with care. We are the mystery, we are the wonder. Curiosity is our medium and love our guide. We gather to discover what is possible.

5 days to immerse with others in the play and nurture of mutual well being!

Pioneers to vacationers, all are welcome. Each is one’s self and part of the all. The power of possibility lives in the And, in the being With. Come explore how YOU matter and contribute in the infinite dance of being in contact, improvising.

The event is limited to 20 participants. You must call 503-854-3320 to register. Be sure to register at least 2 weeks in advance for a selection of housing options!


We’ll schedule 3 sessions/day to meet as a group and the dance space is available round the clock. The interest of those present determines what happens. It’s yours to decide, low abiding to high flying. This retreat is an opportunity to embody and expand your powers of awareness and choice in relationship to what is and may be.

Come dance the heart of your day and your dreams. Come savor the support of attention and intention for the flow that wants to happen, on and off the dance floor. Come be an explorer of a way of being that proposes benefit for all. Give yourself this gift to reset and renew your being!

Questions? comment on this post, email touchmonk@yahoo.com or call 503-282-2938

3 comments on “The WOW of Contact 2016

  1. Carolyn’s approach to CI helps me return over and over again to the core
    of the practice…. Becoming aware of support (both internal and
    external); awareness of my choices at the point of contact (doing
    nothing, moving in, moving out, moving self, moving other); and being
    very aware of the richness of the present moment, instead of planning
    what will happen next. The WOW is designed to give space & time for
    each participant to explore their interest, at their level. Regardless
    of experience , everyone from newcomers to long-time dancers can deepen
    into the practice of being fully present and available for the
    experience of Contact Improvisation. And to have this all at
    Breitenbush, I feel extraordinarily fortunate. Dancing, soaking, eating
    lovely meals, hiking, dancing, steaming, and more dancing. After 5 days
    of this richness, my whole being is refreshed, and I know bliss.


    “Carolyn and Patrick’s WOW of contact was nourishing, challenging, safe, therapeutic, exhilarating, cozy, fun, and insightful. At this intensive, residential experience I could explore new facets of contact improvisation, meet new and interesting folks, and even develop as a person. I look forward to next year’s WOW experience!”


    Thank you Carolyn for all of your hard work putting this together
    every year so that we can just arrive and enjoy.

    To know both sides of the coin:

    There is the tyranny of the group: where the group whole is limited and
    limiting, a cyclops imploded, smaller than the sum of its parts.
    On the other side is ‘group mind’ which is expansive and
    inclusive, creative and ephemeral, leaving behind only an afterimage.

    There is the tyranny of the duet: where the lowest common denominator is
    pecked out in morse code.
    And there is the pleasure of pure chemistry when two unknown elements
    leak out and fuse into something unexplainable.

    Then there is the tyranny of the solo: the longing for more while rehashing
    a history of movements.
    And the glory of the solo: a discovery of the multitudes within. Who let
    the dogs out?

    And the coin itself? Is just the work, the practice, the
    showing up, the holding, the letting go, the pure physicality
    of you-me-us-all-now.
    What …… am I doing?
    ~Deb Caruso~


    Here is a brief paragraph on my experience. I really had a good time and felt refilled when I returned to Seattle and my dance life here. Feel free to post on the webernet.

    I found such a sense of relief in the wide open space offered at WOW. I sometimes think of CI as an answer to the question “What’s possible?”, an answer that itself comes in the form of a question (indeed, often the same question: I ask “What’s possible?” and find the answer is “What’s possible?”). I found this rang truer for me at WOW than at many other CI events. The nature of practice was so honest, spacious, and compassionate, that I felt a kind of liberating release. Thank you for hosting this! Please continue! This lens is needed in the form of CI.
    Hope to see/dance with you soon!


    I am so grateful for space permission to just be to be.
    To be with you, to be with myself, and to be in a community of like-hearted people, all researching, showing up, and being.
    The continual reminder to care for myself. The permission. The insight.
    Space to play on many levels.
    of the dance
    of the self
    of the community
    The time to peel away layers, to go deeper.
    Time to allow things to arise organically.
    Time to make space within myself.
    Thank you! What an incredible, special gift!
    Deep gratitude, Jacqueline


    I am new to contact improvisation and had wanted to become more involved in the practice. Attending the 2016 WOW was an opportunity for me to immerse myself and experience some of the more subtle and nuanced aspects of CI. Carolyn and Patrick showed some of the deeper, more ‘yin’ sides of the art, which are not evident at first glance. There is a whole world of internal work that requires a retreat environment to explore adequately.

    Breitenbush is an ideal atmosphere to get away from the noise of everyday life and really focus on learning. Besides the presenters, I had the opportunity to meet some very experienced and knowledgeable dancers and to learn from them as well. Plus, it was tons of fun! I would recommend the WOW to anyone, even (especially?) to beginners like myself.

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