7 options

Contact Improvisation is relational medicine. It is freedom grounded in connection. It is a powerful balm and sublime fun when there’s awareness present and options available for immediate use.

It is improvisation. You are the source, filter and framer of your experience. You are the initiator/responder, receiver/transmitter, master/student…… in charge of the changing nature of your experience.

Become intimate with gravity. It is the lord of us all, dictating our relationality.

You are an intricate and unique part of a whole. If the whole is not healthy, the parts suffer. At all times you are influencing and being influenced. Pay attention to this lively dynamic at play. Own that you are the one and the all. Own your participation and responsibility in the mutuality of interbeing.

Track the perpetual unfolding of the one and only moment. Notice whether what is is beneficial. If it isn’t, notice and act upon what else is possible.

Commit to caring for yourself, first. Then, extend your caring to all you are related to!


7 options

for how to use your touch @ the point/s of contact



    (ideally, this option is a constant that supports exploring all the other options)

Gravity is our context. Touch to be aware of your circumstance.

Touch to experience the support inherent in gravity.

Touch to receive and assess the existing support.

Touch to track the existing support changing.



Touch to do nothing. Touch to experience and witness the complexity of being.

Touch to receive and to be received. Touch to explore non-doing.



Touch to enter. Touch to leave. Touch to relate to what is. Touch to rearrange what is.



Touch to use the available support to move yourself.

Support precedes movement. Access support and use it to move.

Touch to push, pull, roll, slide, pivot………..   to move your own body.

Touch to align with gravity for ease or to oppose gravity for effort.

Touch to express, balance, dial comfort and explore possibility.

Touch to Adjust For Comfort (AFC and you shall receive!)



Touch to move your partner.

Touch to initiate, to influence and direct your partner’s movement.



Touch to accept being moved, to go with the direction that is offered.



Touch to counter what is offered, to not go with the direction suggested.

Touch to counterbalance. Counterbalancing creates structure.

Structure creates support for movement.


Use the options to explore ‘spectrums  of  possibility’            ~such as the range and degrees of effort, weight, speed, tone, surface, space, states, intent, emotion, response, allowing………


be ever curious, be ever noticing……

“What am I doing?  What is my partner doing?”

stay with the and that is the we of you and me

use seamless, continuous awareness to track what is co-evolving

aim towards mutual well-being through mutual mattering


~Awareness of what IS creates safety and defines what ELSE is possible.

~When we’re aware of what IS we don’t need to know where we are going, what’s next will reveal itself.

~Committing to a continuous connection unifies the diversity necessary to achieve mutual well-being. 

~Track what’s occurring. If what is is not working, then use the point/s of contact to stay connected and change what You are doing!


Awareness + Curiosity = Exploration

Connection + Options = Belonging + Freedom                              

Participation is Divine!

show up / pay attention / tell the truth / don’t attach to outcome


3 comments on “7 options

  1. Most easy-to-understand explanation of CI I’ve ever read. Thanks teacher!

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