ON FITTING- thrival of the fitter

I suffered (alot) in C.I. around not feeling included, until I discovered that I was waiting to be included rather than doing the including of myself. I was stuck in whether or not instead of actively fitting myself into what was there. Now, being aware of these options I am at choice point. I find the experience of fitting myself engaging and powerful, relaxing and energizing. The trick is to maintain awareness and remember intent. The nature of patterns is to persist.

Whether frets. Action fits. Being is a verb. No fits when busy fitting!


C.I. directive- to take care of yourself, first

to take care is an action

it is caring to make

on behalf of the

being the half

of the whole

that is you

that is a





Fitting- adjective, noun and verb

is it a fit?

do you fit?

are you fit?

do you fit in?

your fit fitting?

any fits on fitting?


want to fit? then do!

you are the fitter

do the fitting

that makes

the fit



when you authorize fitting

you are the fitness authority

does your fit fit?

could it be fitter?

is your fit funny?

could it be funner?

it’s you that’s the boss

so, fitten your fitters!

fine tuning fitting

fits the fits finer


what flavor does your fit favor?

fast, slow, simple, fancy….

only you will know

only you can tell

only your now

is to savor!


fit to have, do and be

fitting and proper

fitting is power

power to fit

here and




so, phhht! the fitting is free

enjoy the fit fiddling fun

of fitting your ME

into our WE

not fitful,

just fit



fitting, act of relating

an object of subject

subject of object

adjective too

noun and verb

inhabit the word

to include yourself

in the equation of we

no fretting, just fitting

being is a verb

being is a






This is the one and only moment you get and contains all you need to fit it if you choose to do the fitting. Surviving may go to the fittest, but thriving goes to the fitter.

*Have a dance with the focus of fitting?

Mind tracks and reminds the fitting, allowing the body to be with what is and do the fitting.

*Can you stay with the focus of fitting? What shows up to distract?

What is your experience of fitting? When, how, where does it work? And why? How does the focus of fitting fit you?

*Report- translate your findings into words, sound, movement.


2 comments on “ON FITTING- thrival of the fitter

  1. So much love!! This, from two weeks ago! – the grace you so passionately-gently-gracefully and graciously offered last night summed up pointedly, dancingly here also 🙂 My beloved walked me through the gate. You planted and grew a garden all around while we stood/pressed/grounded/rolled/flowed. A wind swept change gently rises and breathes differently today….Gratitude to you and Patrick for the creation omnipresent and for sustaining the practice of art-life embodiment. What a gift to share space and contact with you all ❤

  2. Thank you for commenting, Teressa. Is my wish for this site to be a place for exchanging about our experiences in C.I. It was fun to have you and Davida interested and willing to explore with us! Please feel free to share more of your experience here!

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