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The WOW of Contact 2017


January 16-20, 2017 @ Breitenbush Hot Springs w/ Touchmonkey

10th annual WOW of Contact

Wonder Of With / Way Of We

The Touchmonkey version of C.I. uses the relationship at the point of contact as the constant ground and guide for the dance’s unfolding. The contact creates connection. The connection becomes the source of our movement to communicate and negotiate our individual interests. Committing to maintaining a through line of connection creates safety and great potential in the dance.

You can expect to-

Connect to your unique self as you are and move into curiosity about others as they are, noticing whether or not you do this without judgment or comparison.

Focus on tracking what is changing for yourself and others.

Explore the continuous and simultaneous interactivity of influencing and being influenced.

Notice and report on the relational phenomenon of interbeing.

Ask how much and what kind of permission is needed to stay in relationship with the we of you and me. Ask what supports that permission. Ask what forbids that permission.

Engage with spacious specificity to explore mutual well-being. Spacious in your inclusion of the self and other, inner and outer. Specific about the truth of what you bring to the playing field. Mutual regard and curiosity, our guides to well-being for all.

The WOW 2017 nuts & bolts!

3 scheduled sessions/day to evolve in C.I.

Mornings– AWE (awareness witnessing experience)- a practice combining Authentic Movement and C.I. that focuses on becoming intimate with our personal choice making process.

Afternoons– C.I. research to deepen in how our choices relate, or not.

Evenings– Performance scores to explore, witness and document our dance making.

C.I. boils down to two things-

Awareness & Agency

Awareness is a matter of tracking what is occurring, inside and outside one’s self. It is the ground that supports and informs choice making. It is the thread that connects the changing parts in a seamless dance.

We’ll grow awareness by holding questions that focus us in the present moment.

Agency is the ability to respond to and influence what is happening. Agency is having access to options for steering the moment in the direction of mutual well-being.

We’ll grow agency by naming and exploring options for immediate response.

This year’s WOW will focus on our ability to care for ourselves (and each other) through expanding our awareness and agency. Each person will have the opportunity to create and leave with a literal bag of questions and options to continue exploring with, on and off the dance floor.

Focusing on awareness and options in C.I. grows an ever-expanding field of safety and potential. C.I. developed from rules and tricks is limited by who knows and is willing to follow the predetermined agreements. Also, rules and tricks are fixed and not designed to change if they no longer serve. Instead of rules, one can study the principles that underlie the movement for access to an infinite array of moves and for strategies to save yourself or someone else in a pinch.

C.I. based in awareness and agency is as vast as one’s ability to attend and adapt to whatever is being presented. To be safe and free to explore is to be aware with a range of options available for immediate use.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt    Come explore the vastness of what you have and what you can do in the simplicity of the here and now.

Questions about the workshop? email touchmonk@yahoo.com or call 971-334-4599

The event is limited to 20 to maintain an intimate working space. No partial stay option and all levels of experience are welcome. To register you must call Breitenbush @ 503-854-3320!  Note early registration discount ends Dec. 16 and housing choices diminish severely after Jan.2

You can view event description @ http://breitenbush.com/events/jan16-20.html                  & lodging rates and info @ http://breitenbush.com/reservations/info.html#rates

One comment on “The WOW of Contact 2017

  1. Some feedback from WOW 2017 participants-

    I loved the space you gave me to be in the dance space or not. I felt complete freedom to take care of myself without guilt. Absolutely loved the morning blind sessions, filled my whole day with joy and contentment.

    Enjoyed the opportunity for everyone to share and how safe we all felt. Thank you for creating that. This allowed me to have a blissful week.

    Great time of year for this- quiet, beautiful. Loved the softness, acceptance, inclusivity. My body and mind left much healed.

    I had a wow!- it’s radical: lifting, moving myself in synergy with my dance partner! Autonomy without losing myself or losing care for my partner. Autonomy including my partner for support, to feel the ground through them- gathering info, assessing myself and them in this NOW. AND is in LAND, always there ready willing and able to hold us when we come from the AWE- awareness witnessing experience. Radical to unhook from the hierarchical power-over colonization culture.

    Enjoyed a clearer understanding of the meaning of improv, flexibility of the workshop, focus of taking care of myself, depth of spiritual teachings.

    A time of joy, healing. A waking dream. Our time in the hills was more than I expected. The morning work surprised me in it’s power- a soft push and pull, adding some vocabulary to launch many journeys on the floor and within. The group felt safe, inviting and became wonderful guides, each helping me become a bit stronger and tender, too. Sauna and tub time added to the dream quality, waves of understanding unfolding before me. Enough structure to build a strong workshop with enough freedom to color it.

    WOW was WOW. To be in a container for multiple days experiencing C.I. and all the energy and vision that that encompasses is a precious, sacred, important, awesome gift. The way you present C.I. deeply resonates with me. My moments at the WOW were varied- taken to my edge, learned alot, traversed discomfort, grief, vulnerability, fears and rawness. What a gift to explore my way through these pieces with support, as being held is a safe, safe, womb.

    I take away the/my Witness reaffirmed above all- the wider view as well as the unique individuals and shifts I found within. I am nourished by the ideas of: gathering information and shift will happen, coming in curiosity rather than judgment.

    Wondering, observing what is. What do I want? What interests me? Easy to see the unique loveliness in other. Can I hold that lens with self? Practice. Do it for me. Me is part of we.

    I take away… some clarity about my interest in contact, some honesty about what’s hard/frustrating/disappointing with the scene, some processing/letting go of old hurt. Continuing interest in that rounded, counter-intuitive gathering around center pathway I’ve started exploring. And the whole question of when/why/how do I get disconnected from center/self by over using extension, how good it feels to extend against resistance, and to get pressure into center through limbs
    I come away with a sense of lots of interesting dances… maybe not
    “big” dances, as in abandoned flow/play– but very focused engaged,
    exploring something specific dances… which feels very satisfying.

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