The WOW of Contact

The WOW of Contact is on-going curiosity about the power of Contact Improvisation to inhabit mutual well-being, to embody the possibility that all may thrive!!

Mutual well-being requires both belonging and freedom. We use the contact and the improvisation to assess and grow our ability to simultaneously belong and be free.

The research includes care for self and care for the all that self is a part of- the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of self and interbeing.

We meet for 5 days at Breitenbush Hot Springs each January to immerse in this potentially life-changing practice.

This site is dedicated to the on-going exchange of questions, comments and findings on this subject and to inform people of gatherings. PLEASE, feel free to use the comment area to share your inquiry and discovery.

The WOW of Contact 2020


The WOW of Contact 2019


The WOW of Contact 2018


The WOW of Contact 2017


The WOW of Contact 2016


The WOW of Contact 2015 –


The WOW of Contact 2014-


The WOW of Contact 2013-


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