Contact Improv CLASS & JAM

Every Saturday Contact Improvisation at Gracewood Studio

4920 NE 55th / Portland, OR 97218 (studio behind yellow house, use gate by garage)

4-5 pm  (best to show up on time)  C.I. CLASS  ~  All welcome.  $5-10

Each week a piece of the C.I. puzzle to try on and explore.

Then, stay for the jam and practice, practice, practice!

5-7 pm  (come and go as you like)  C.I.  JAM  ~   All welcome.  $5-10

An opportunity to practice C.I. and experiment with co-creating the environment.

Music, instruments and blindfolds available for your improvisational explorations!

Be sure to ask for what you want and  to refuse what you don’t want. If you’re a beginner and want guidance, ask. If something is happening that doesn’t feel good, say so. The premise that guides the investigation of C.I. is to take care of yourself, first.

Kneepads can be purchased for $15.


8 comments on “Contact Improv CLASS & JAM

  1. Carolyn,

    Ahhh….it seems I’d stumbled onto this page finding you to come dance yesterday morning. Wonderful…..
    It was great….and your coaching me with the practice served me well.
    I felt as if I’d come home to some community that I’d wandered from….felt an a-kin-ness that’s hard to adequately render.

    Anyway, my friend….I hope to come again. Both for you and the dance.

    Nameste, richard

  2. Hi, I wonder if you are still doing the saturday CI jam.


    • Yes, but we’ve changed the format a bit, starting with one hour class, 4-5pm, followed by a two hour jam.

  3. So if you come to both, you pay $10-$20?

  4. Curious if this is still happening….if not do you host or know of other CI classes? Thank you!!!

  5. Super interested in attending– is this still going on?


  6. […] Contact Improv CLASS & JAM […]

  7. Hi Carolyn
    My name is Ana, I came with my teenage son, Joe, last Saturday. I think I could really benefit from attending your Saturday session regularly. However I would need to work something out with you financially/work trade/equitable exchange.
    I have not worked for several years for physical health as well as other complicated reasons.
    This also limits what I can personally do in the way of an equitable exchange.
    I would like to show up today, Saturday, September 9, however without having reached an agreement with you I am reticent to do so.

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