Contact Improv LAB & JAM

CI sessions temporarily postponed due to the Coronavirus


Every Saturday Contact Improvisation at Gracewood Studio

4920 NE 55th / Portland, OR 97218 (studio behind yellow house, use gate by garage)


4-5 pm  C.I. LAB  ~  All welcome.  $5-10

We work with the interest and needs of those that show up.
Come as you are, all degrees of experience welcome!

Then, stay for the jam and practice, practice, practice!


5-7 pm  C.I.  JAM  ~   All welcome.  $5-10

An opportunity to practice C.I. and experiment with co-creating the CI environment.

Music, instruments and blindfolds available for your improvisational exploration!


We practice care. Care guides our ability to create a safe and, therefore, potent container to explore the radical act of improvising while in contact. Care is primary!

1) Care for yourself. 2) Care for your immediate partner/s. 3) Care for the whole. Let  curiosity about what it means to care guide your contribution to mutual well-being.

Ask for what you want/need! Refuse what you don’t want! If something is happening that doesn’t feel good, say so! The CI experience evolves according your participation.

Kneepads can be purchased for $20.

11 comments on “Contact Improv LAB & JAM

  1. Carolyn,

    Ahhh….it seems I’d stumbled onto this page finding you to come dance yesterday morning. Wonderful…..
    It was great….and your coaching me with the practice served me well.
    I felt as if I’d come home to some community that I’d wandered from….felt an a-kin-ness that’s hard to adequately render.

    Anyway, my friend….I hope to come again. Both for you and the dance.

    Nameste, richard

  2. Hi, I wonder if you are still doing the saturday CI jam.


    • Yes, but we’ve changed the format a bit, starting with one hour class, 4-5pm, followed by a two hour jam.

  3. So if you come to both, you pay $10-$20?

  4. Curious if this is still happening….if not do you host or know of other CI classes? Thank you!!!

  5. Super interested in attending– is this still going on?


  6. […] Contact Improv CLASS & JAM […]

  7. Hi Carolyn
    My name is Ana, I came with my teenage son, Joe, last Saturday. I think I could really benefit from attending your Saturday session regularly. However I would need to work something out with you financially/work trade/equitable exchange.
    I have not worked for several years for physical health as well as other complicated reasons.
    This also limits what I can personally do in the way of an equitable exchange.
    I would like to show up today, Saturday, September 9, however without having reached an agreement with you I am reticent to do so.

  8. Hi , passing through Portland and looking for CI opportunities – is this still current ? (specifically Aug 8) ?

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