Contact Improv LAB

CI sessions temporarily postponed due to the Coronavirus


On-going Thursday nights from 7-9 offer a laboratory to expand, deepen and refine our choices in Contact Improvisation.

The evenings begin with checking in about what people are interested in working with and moving into researching the possibilities of dancing while in contact.

The sessions are lightly facilitated by Carolyn and Patrick.

Come with your questions or concerns to discover more options in the dance. Or just come to dance! Think of this time as somewhere between a class and a jam. You decide what you need and have the group to support your exploration!

All welcome. This is a place to begin and/or to expand your improvising in contact!


Gracewood Studio / 4920 NE 55th / 97218 (behind yellow house, use gate by garage)

12 comments on “Contact Improv LAB

  1. i do ecstatic dance, but have never done contact improve anything I need to know before attending? Is it all contact and or single dance?

  2. […] to the Thursday C.I. LAB and get your game on […]

  3. Hi, I am wondering if there will be a lab May 22nd. I am in the area for a training and would love to come out if I can make it. From Nelson, BC. Blessings, Judy

  4. Hi Carolyn,
    Is it possible to contact you by phone or email? Thanks, Judy

  5. Hey, didn’t see an email address on here I could write to. I came to the improv lab a few weeks ago, we talked about me perhaps filming one of your performances. I’ve been extremely busy the last few weeks but just wanted to let you know I’m still interested, and I’m going to try to come out next Thursday if I can! Please keep in touch, and shoot me an email if you like!

  6. is there music at this CI Lab? 😀

  7. Hi Carolyn this is Tania from Bend. Scott said he left his blue water bottle there and I left my hair clip. Would you set into your closet and we can grab it the next time we’re there? Wonderful to see you!! Xoxo 541-490-1493

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