mayday mayday

wow, how/when/where/why it happened? dunno, but

i turn 70 on the 17 of the 17 of this two thousand

in the season of self-heal and forget-me-not

auspicious time for calling get-together

no duck and run for me this round

show up and commit to the fun

so be it. hope you can come!!!!

I’ve lined up my druthers below

to celebrate the complexities

existing in the earth plane

all this time with more

on it’s way. hurray.

for the dancing

and the love

with each




@ Gracewood Studio / 4920 NE 55th / 97218

Saturday  May 13   10-12pm  &  1-3pm   $10-20/session (nota;~)
C.I. Research into the Use of Scores for Dancing
Score. To organize intent, to rate outcome, to receive benefit. We’ll experiment with scoring our dances and explore the mind/body relationship? We all have one and we are each unique. What do we have in common, how do we differ?
The focus of naming my curiosity brings me closer to my experience of the here and now. In the here and now I enjoy the relaxation of being enough as I am. That is why I offer this research time.
I love to explore with others. I love how scores focus attention and expand options. Do you? If so, come. If not, are you curious? If not sure, come and find out!

All degrees of experience most welcome.

12-1 Potluck Lunch

4-7 C.I. Class/Jam as usual with added attraction of instruments available for immediate use to accompany the movement. And let’s potluck treats to celebrate 30 continuous years of Saturday Jamming!!


Sunday May 14  Mother’s Day

11-2pm  Split & stack firewood to help the mama.

2-5pm  Potluck to celebrate the mamas!  Studio will be available for dancing for those so inclined. Hot tubbing, too- come clean, bring towel.

Rain or Shine. Pray for sun, please!


In all ways, you are always the gift. Your presence is the present!!


I’ve a wish list to share-

*irises (seeking iris rainbow garden)

*cash  (inflation + aged equipment + teenager)

*miles  (aloha dreams + aging equipment + teenager)

*misc. help  (70 ain’t 17!)

Here’s to spring and relief, light and happy (and many more years of dancing dreams)

mayday. mayday.

only love.

questions? more info?

touchmonk@yahoo.com or 971-334-4599

2 comments on “mayday mayday

  1. Carolyn,

    I have another engagement, so I won’t be able to join the festivities. I hope you have a great and fruitful time, surrounded and supported by your many friends.

    Best wishes, and many happy returns!



    • Thank you Mark! Such a joy to be dancing with you over time!! And, yes, it was deeply comforting and affirming to enjoy the day with my dancing family. So glad I put it out could receive the love and celebration. ahhh. Here’s to many more ;~)

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