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Union founds diversity

Some imagine that I dance to cope. Yes, it can help in that way. But, more to the point, to a much greater degree, I dance to evolve! Contact Improvisation offers an alternate paradigm to the cultural one that is sustainable and nourishing for all involved. It is extremely challenging to change paradigms, to become aware of deep conditioning and make different choices. But the effort involved is well worth the possibility of mutual well-being!


Union founds diversity.

We share similarities and differences. That is a given. Both are true.

We are all subject to the conditions of the earth plane.

We are all subject to the conditions of our unique circumstance.

We are interconnected, interdependent. We influence and are influenced.

We are here together in the gravitational earth soup, the nature of which depends upon diversity. Mono anything is death. Health is relational. Sickness is solitary.

The physical practice of Contact Improvisation proposes connection as a through line to support and align the richness of our vast diverse expression. It is a template to engage our essential birthright of belonging and freedom.

Have your inspiration, agenda, raison d’etre. Please. That is your unique contribution. AND have your unique in relationship to your absolute connection to all that is. Track your influence influencing. Track your influencing influenced. Track your part in relationship to the whole. Does it serve the whole, If so, it serves your self. If not, it is a detriment.

We yearn to belong. We are creatures that cannot exist alone. We need each other. In belonging we can relax and thrive. Belonging is the foundation for movement.

In C.I. let us physically explore connection as the basis for movement. Let us pay attention to our union to experience the expression of our uniqueness-es. Let us be oh so attentive and curious and ready and willing and able to continue to stay present to the incoming ever unfolding evolution of who we are and what is transpiring, now. What is alive NOW, present NOW, important NOW. May we trust in what is current to take us where we need to go!

Come to The WOW of Contact to immerse for a few days in reestablishing belonging as the basis for freedom.


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