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Another WOWzer approaches!

The 9th WOW of Contact w/ Touchmonkey @ Breitenbush Hot Springs coming  January 10-15, 2016!

Five precious days and nights to step away from the devices, the habits, the dramas, the duties and drop into the here and now, into the dance of being in the context of together!

A time to notice and dream. To question and quench what it means to connect and play. To explore and rewire the peace that our hearts require to relax and thrive.

C.I. develops by the practice of it. Identifying the ideas we carry about what we are doing is advantageous to evolve in our exploration. When intentions are named they create a frame of reference, a context to observe and deepen in our research.


Ideas that I bring from and for my practice of C.I. are-

*that it is our nature, our human circumstance, to be unique and connected at the same time.

*that it is of benefit to attend to this us that we are, to the relating of the you of you and the I of I.

For each to be supported in their truth by a web of acceptance that is curious and encouraging and caring is what I want for myself, and the world!


WOW. What do you bring? What do you yearn for? What will you practice? How will you grow?

Early discount registration ends 12/14. Housing options diminish after 12/29. The limit of participants is 20. Sign up now @ 503-854-3320



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