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Coming 2/28 ~ All About Support

Another Daylong Immersion in Contact Improvisation @ Gracewood Studio / 4920 NE 55th / 97218 (use gate by garage)

2/28 ~ 10-3:30pm (followed by regular C.I. Class/Jam 4-7pm!)

$55 (more if you can, less if you inquire) includes C.I. Class/Jam that follows

All About Support

Support supports. Support holds. Support contains. Support frees. Support is.

Support is constant. You are always supported. Period.

Support is the basis of movement. Period.

Let us spend the day exploring how we seek, invite, find, feel, receive, give, take, ask for, relate to support.

Let us experiment with tracking support as the thread of connection that  grounds and frees our simultaneous and autonomous movement expression.

How do you relate to support? How curious, interested are you in support? How willing, generous are you to explore the implications of mutual support? If not support, then what? Come declare, come discover!

Pre-pay on paypal button to the right, drop a check in the mail 4920 NE 55th / Portland, OR / 97218 or at pay the door.

All welcome. Dress to move and bring snacks for the break. No fragrance please!


One comment on “Coming 2/28 ~ All About Support

  1. Today (during yoga class) I was playing with different words around
    support. Feeling the difference between FINDING support (more passive &
    observing) and SEEKING support (subtle engagement of awareness and
    slight engagement of muscles)…..

    See you Saturday.

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