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C.I. ~ the NO blame game!

C.I. consists of-

Awareness of what is.

Intention to care for what is.

Choice in relationship to what is.


Awareness is how we access what is as it is and distinguish what is from the stories that thoughts tell about what is. Choice is our power of response in relationship to the what is. Choosing manifests intention.


C.I. is a paradigm of awareness and choice. It is a system of action in behalf of mutual wellbeing. To choose is to act instead of blame. This is no small deal living in a society that rewards successful blaming! Conditioned to obey authority rather than to be the authority, our patterning will be to blame rather than act. Choosing must be chosen.


*Watch closely to notice when you blame instead of choose? Any complaint is blame! Becoming aware of blame puts you at choice point with it. Consider what blaming serves. Consider what the act of choosing serves. What do you choose?


I share the following link. It is a great read on staying connected to our choice in life. It directly applies to the dance, as our physicality will reflect our belief! http://www.wiseheartpdx.org/post/226


C.I. is a no blame game

only moving in physical contact

co-creating, now and now and now and…


simultaneous spontaneity

responsive and respectful


no need of taking turns

only awareness of what is offered

with options available for immediate use!



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