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6/7 ~ Silence to the death. Clunk, you’re out!

*Dance your solo. Get fancy. Go for it. Have fun. See what you can do. But, do your do SILENTLY!

Silent here means no noise when entering and leaving points of contact with the floor, wall etc. This is not silence with the voice, but with the body in and out of contact with the environment.

Body plays. Mind keeps a bead on the silence, watching for ‘clunks’.

Dance for your life! Do it seriously (clunk and you die!). Challenge yourself. What can you do while maintaining a seamless, silent relationship with the floor?. When you clunk, go back (if you can) and redo without the clunk. Where are the clunks? What is a clunk? Gather details. Be specific.

What did you notice? How did you respond to this invitation? What else happened?


*Dance in contact with a partner and identify the clunks. Keeping the silence with the floor, extend the silence to include the contact with your partner. Together, maintain a seamless connection and be curious about what a clunk is and when it happens in your dance. With the partner, it is less likely that the sound of the clunk will be heard. It will be felt.

In watching for clunks consider how both partners are responsible for maintaining the connection and look at the details of when the clunking is mutually created or primarily the lapse of you or your partner’s attention. Call ‘clunk’ when you notice one. Call for the who’s whose and what’s what? When you can, do a replay to explore the missed options which would have averted the clunk.


*In a group have fun playing the game of Clunk, you’re out! Dance in the middle until you clunk. When you clunk you’re out to the periphery to watch for and call the clunks you see. You may opt back in whenever you like, until the next clunk and you’re back out. All bodies silent. All voices allowed.

In playing any game there are the parameters that contain the game. Then, there is your relationship to those conditions. Which ‘rules’ will you abide by and to what degree? What expectations do you have of the other players? How attached is playing to outcome?

In C.I. we’re playing with awareness and choice. In Clunk, you’re out! we’re exploring a lively structure that brings heightened attention to the detail of seamless connection and mixes up the dancing partnerships. It is about training focus, not about following rules. It is about honing awareness and making choices that lead to on purpose rather than oops! dancing. It is about being very curious, together.





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