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5/31 Pleasure IN continued……

*Ask yourself why you came to C.I. today and/or to C.I. itself.

What needs does the dance meet? What yearning? Write down some words to describe what attracts you to C.I., why you choose it instead of something else.

The essence of your attraction is the truth you seek in the moment. It is your pleasure to be fulfilled. Everybody’s got one and it’s particular to each. What is yours? Get to know it well, for it will guide you where you need to go.

*If you’re doing this exercise with others, share what you’ve written and notice the similarities and the differences in the characteristics of how you are.

Go IN to what’s there! How do you dare to care, care to dare?

Being responsible for one’s own pleasure underlies everything. It guides the choices possible at the point of contact. This IN is constant. It maintains the relationship to self, the foundation that makes it safe to explore all other INs.


IN to the contact point to experience the sensation of support.

*IN a solo use the contact point to feel support, supporting you.

How do you use sensation to know support? How do you receive, experience, support?

The mind holds the questions and witnesses the body’s answers.


IN to use support to align with gravity.

To align is to bring into line.

Gravity is a force that draws us forever into contact.

Gravity is a constant existing to have and hold us, and to support our movement.

To align with gravity is to be aware of how you line yourself up between the available points of contact. You have the choice to organize your alignment with ease and/or effort. Effort is muscular activity. Ease is less to no muscular involvement. Ease and effort are yours to explore and explore and explore. The more intimate you become with identifying and choosing ease and effort, the more presence and possibility are yours in meeting the moment and caring for yourself.


*Stand IN stillness to study how you use points of contact for support to align with gravity.

Allow the bottoms of the feet to move down IN to their contact with the ground at the same time the top of the head moves up IN to it’s contact with the air.

Notice how your structure, the bones of you, lengthen into alignment and provide support, allowing the muscles to relax. This is a delicate game. Pay attention to when the allowing of expansion through the points of contact becomes reaching that is muscular effort. Experiment with increasing that effort until you are rigid. Return to ease. Mind scans for ease and effort. Can you access the extremes and degrees in between? What do you notice? What is easy? What is hard?


*Lie down to experience alignment by going IN to the floor at the points of contact at your heels, sacrum, shoulder blades and head. Again explore effort and ease and how these points align with one another. Now, stand as before, going IN to the contact at the feet and head, and add reaching IN to these additional points. What do you notice now about your relationship to alignment?


Muscular relaxation, ease, enables you to receive support, to rest, to do nothing and to be moved.

Muscular effort makes it possible to move yourself and others, to build strength and to discover your limits.

Lengthening elongates the bones to support weight (think vertical stick supporting big rock). The skeleton is structure. The function of structure is support. Support is necessary for movement. The muscles function is movement. Movement tells our story, allows us to act, to care.

The muscles and bones have a dynamic and intricate relationship in satisfying the need of the moment. Strain can occur when the muscles do too much of the weight bearing. Trembling in the dance is a sign that muscles are working at their maximum and could benefit by sharing the load with the bones.

Always a choice. Always a spectrum of possibility in C.I. All degrees of the spectrum equally valid when they meet the need of the moment.


*Go IN to the support at the contact to move. Body uses support to move according to what interests and pleases. Mind tracks the folding and unfolding of the joints to move. The joints folding and unfolding is the effort and the ease of the muscles working and the bones supporting. Feel it. Awareness equals choice.

*Go IN to explore the least amount of effort required to be still in a shape, to move to another shape. Body moves. Mind keeps asking how much can I let go of now, and now, and now. Body answering. Mind listening.


Make efficiency yours by being very interested in the details of this ever intricate intimate relationship of the muscles and bones. Pay attention to experience of effort and ease and play with your ability to choose more or less of either, in the each moment.


*Go IN to continue the exploration of effort and ease, the relationship of the bones and the muscles to align, with a partner. Go into your partner, to feel through them to the ground. As if one body, use their structure for your support!

-Experiment with a blindfold. Does it help to focus and rely on sensation to assess support. (remember, always 100% responsibility for self. when blindfolded, too)

*Can you feel through your partner to the floor? How do you do that? How do you assess the degree of support available through their structure? Be curious about how you use the support they offer to support yourself. Track and play with your choices of ease and effort at the point of contact?


When both partners, simultaneously, going IN and through each other for their own support it creates an interdependent style of C.I. in which the shared point of contact is the source of support and movement.


the more with you i can be

the more there is for me

same is true for ye

that’s the choice of we


game without blame

obliterates shame

time to claim

this one and only aim

for everlasting gain


what is your name?

are you IN?



Be very interested in this moment

Need nothing, own everything

Know what you are doing

Know what all else is possible

Be very interested in this moment


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