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5/24 C.I. Class ~ Pleasure IN

Attempting to write up the last class I’m appreciating how HUGE the subject is. With respect for the huge of it I offer what I have so far, to be continued……….

note: anything with an * is an invitation to a particular exploration. All else is commentary.


Pleasure and IN are fundamental anchors for the all. When secured they support the infinite expansion possible while improvising in contact.


100% responsibility ‘to care for yourself’ + 100% power of choice = well-being = pleasure = in


Care occurs to the degree

that we own our autonomy

AND in the present moment be


Autonomy, the gift we came here as

Presence, the here belonging now


IN to I is the beginning

miraculous is arriving to the present moment is

the what of the that is that the what now is

for everyone and everything that is

each ising itself as it is is is is

just this the just ising as is

the ising just as it is is

ising itself the it is

is ising what is

is ising is

as it is

it is

is i



is i

is i is

is i the i

is i ising i

is i the ising i

ising is the i in is

ownership ising unity i

unity-ing so so freeing

owning is everything

i’m-ing everything

in relationshiping

to everys isings

everys beings

being every

thing ever

owning i

as every

i is as i

ever is

i as is








i am

i-ing i

aming of i

you owning i

everythingbeing i

as it is ever onward i

in relationship too as of i

an always and forever more i

always everything thinging to my i

as i am now and how and wow i

that is i, i aming everything i

and aming again as ising i

everything i singing i

sings am aming i

easy sighs i

i yi yi  i

i as i

i, i





 Pleasure IN


‘To take care of yourself, first’, the singular guiding principle of C.I.! Wow.

This class will consider the power of pleasure in caring for ourselves and

IN IN IN – an all-purpose strategy for navigating contact improvising.


*Begin by noticing your response to the word pleasure.

*What is your experience? Observe responses in your body, thoughts, emotions, energy…..    Do you expand or contract? or both? Linger, notice any complexity, contradictions, in your response to the word pleasure.

Each of us has a unique relationship to words and we can attach very different meanings when we hear or speak them. I have chosen the word pleasure to represent that which pleases, that which moves us toward happiness, comfort, expansion, lightness, ease, brilliance, well being…..

*Does pleasure mean this to you? If not, what word would you use?

It is the meaning not the word that I intend as a guide in the dance.


*How do you relate to idea of assuming 100% responsibility and permission to let your own pleasure guide your choices in the dance?

*Can you conceive of you and your partner doing this simultaneously at the shared point/s of contact?


Taking up for one’s self is efficient. We have direct and continuous access to our own needs. We do not have such access to our partner’s needs. They do.

We commit to a connection to present and play with our truths, to see how they combine and explore what is possible, in relationship.

Simultaneity is efficient, no waiting for turns to be taken. We’ve been so conditioned to taking turns that it will be automatic unless we intend to explore something else. C.I. is not a back and forth conversation. It is a constant dynamic flow of information, forming and dissolving, at the point of contact.


*Dance a solo in which you use the contact to choose, experience and track pleasure.

Allow the body to move in contact with the stationary partner of the floor, wall, furniture…..   Allow the body to seek and follow it’s own pleasure, to play with and explore it’s options for pleasure.

Have the mind assume the task of tracking, of being continually aware of, the changing qualities and degrees of the experience of pleasure.

*Notice. Report. What happened?

*Were you able to allow your body to move toward pleasure? What does the word allow mean to you? What do you call the opposite of allow and experiment dancing from that place?

*Was your mind able to maintain focusing on pleasure without judgment? What information did your witnessing mind gather about your relationship to pleasure as an operative- the 100% responsibility to it and the 100% power to choose it.


Sometimes focusing on pleasure can be perceived as selfish, indulgent.

yet, going for your own wellbeing is your greatest gift to all

for when you feel good you feel good to be with

the how of you is your contribution

and what more wonderful

than wonder-filled


*Now, dance in contact with a person and use the contact to choose, experience and track pleasure. Same focus but this time with animate partner!

*Notice. Report. Same questions. What happened this time? What is easy? What is hard?



On to the pleasure of IN IN IN– an all-purpose strategy for everything in C.I.


IN to being

IN to attend

IN to allow

IN to with

 IN to do

IN to move

IN to more

IN to less

 IN to stop and be still

IN to end and get out

 IN to it all

IN is enough

IN to everything

IN is begun



This IN begins with touch. Touch is contact. Focus in the touch. That place of contact is a curious one. It contains the dual and opposing functions of joining and separating, allowing in and keeping out.


*IN a solo, use your touch to be curious about these varying functions inherent in the connection. What details do you notice about how you use the contact to merge with and be distinct from. Contact is a given in the field of gravity. How we use it is a choice. What is your tendency? What do you choose?



IN chooses to go in to what’s there, not stay out.

IN chooses to receive what’s there, rather than it keep out.

IN chooses to be with, to use what’s available in the with to care for the self.


IN designates relationship

IN determines structure 

IN sources influence

IN enables control



*Go INside yourself to declare and be curious about the relationship there. Ask, what is my relationship with mind and with body and with the relationship between those two? Listen. What do you notice? What arises? beliefs, thoughts, intentions, feelings, sensations… ?

Relationship to self is the lens through which experience is known.

Observe. Know what you’re working with, what’s running your show.

The more IN to you you go, the more choice you have in your matter.


Relationship implies influence and control.

Own your power to influence and control your experience.

Enjoy your freedom to play with what is and discover what else is possible.


Being clear about your relationship to self is the necessary ground for meeting and engaging with others. Go IN to it to know it well, in order to distinguish it from all else and to serve the all that is.


to be continued……………..

next week, here!


in the meantime, hope you can join us for more on the IN IN IN, in the flesh, today!


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