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5/17 Class- Sensational Seamless Connection

Here’s to the Seamless Sutra

of Ceaseless Awareness of what Is

is ising along


to the embodied path

of the oh my god just this

the power packed present

in which to rest


where less is enough

unless it is more


but enough, then, too!

for every then is when

and every when is now


here’s to continuity the connector, the container, the continuer……..



There are infinite pieces to the puzzle of improvising in contact.

It is an unfolding system that evolves by awareness and curiosity.

The past and the future are ruled in the present.

Choices change. Changing chooses.


Choosing awareness challenges the would-be complexity.

Awareness owns the matter of the moment, as it is-

to have and to hold, to have and let go, to tell and be told.

Choosing awareness chooses choice.


The would-be complexity is the inner cast of characters with their stories vying for attention. Welcome them all, but don’t let them persuade you to forsake this moment. For it is in this moment that the stories get written!



Choices in C.I. are infinite. Yet, they happen one at a time! And they do so, regardless. To show up and attend is enough. Sounds simple. Yet, that simplicity is dependent upon the relationship of mind and body. No small subject!

The inner game theory of Timothy Gallwey has been useful to sort out the complexity of the mind/body relationship. His Inner Game looks at how the specific intelligences of the mind and the body relate and support (or not) one another in the pursuit of purpose. Gallwey notes that there are ways in which the mind can interfere with the inherent intelligence of the body. That the mind can want to direct and dominate experience, overriding the wisdom of the body.


This class will play with giving the mind the task of tracking rather than directing, to support the intelligence of the body. It is a worthy task, for being present with what is puts us at choice point in each moment, to care for ourselves. The mind’s task will be to maintain a specific focus in the present moment, to notice when gaps occur and return us to the focus. on and on.


*Let’s begin with a check-in (always a choice, never a requirement!).

What is your name? What is your relationship to C.I.? Is there anything you’d like the group to know about you?


*Now, check-in again. This time give your mind the task of tracking the speed of your words, continuously. As you check-in, your mind’s job is to keep a continuous focus on the timing of your words as they are delivered. Simply track the speed. No judgment, just watching. Judgment is diverging from observing what is to comparing, measuring, evaluating what is. Just speak and keep a bead on the speed.


*Reflect on the first and the second check-in. Did you experience a difference? If so, what changed?



*Now, Dance. Allow your body to move and to be still.

*Notice what happens when you allow your body to direct? Does it? Or does your mind want to jump in and direct?


*Continue to dance and direct your mind to track the sensations of being in contact, staying with experiencing the feeling of sensation at the point/s of contact- the sensations of being in contact with the floor, with the air, with your innards, with…….   As you allow movement, track the sensation of it. Your mind tracks distraction and returns attention to sensation.


Attention to sensation is crucial. C.I. is of the body, kinetic, non-verbal. Sensation is the voice and language of the body, of the dance.


*Continue to dance and give your mind the task of continuously tracking the speed at which the movement and stillness occur. The mind watches the details of the speed choices fluctuating, without judgment.

*What do you notice? Are you able to stay with tracking sensation, speed? Are you able to track without judgment?

Notice any differences between moving with no direction for the mind and giving it a task to perform. How does your experience change?


Are you able to trust that staying with where you are is enough, that there is no need know where you are going? That where you are is the going!


*Dance, now, in contact with a partner.

*The first focus (for both, simultaneously) is to use the contact to allow movement while maintaining a continuous connection as the source of the movement. The mind tracks the seamlessness of the contact. It notes gaps, in order to return to a continuous connection.

*The next game is for both to use the continuous contact to tune to sensation, to stay with the feeling of sensation at the connection. (It helps to keep it simple, to remember that stillness is an option in the movement spectrum.)

*What do you notice? What is easy, what is hard, in keeping a connection and/or staying with the experience of sensation? Are you able to stay focused and out of judgment?


*Next, partners agree to maintain and use a thread of contact to explore their autonomy and designate the mind to track the specific speed of the choices being made (their own and/or their partners).


The purpose of maintaining a meeting point is to create relationship, in which to exchange autonomy. You do not have to match your partner, only stay connected to them as the source of your expression, exchanging.


*Can you play with what your partner is offering without losing connection to them, moment by moment?

*In fact, have a contrary dance! Use the contact to contradict rather than match your partner. Have the mind track staying with the partner, for the purpose of knowing what they are doing so that you can contradict them! (The mind may also track the speed of the choices being made as an indicator of the matching or not matching.)


*And have a dance to meet and match. What happens then?

*What differences do you realize as you connect to match and not to match?

*Have a dance in which one person intends to match and the other doesn’t. What happens then?


My research has shown that the depth of connection determines the breadth of diversity possible. That commitment to unity creates freedom and commitment to freedom sustains unity. Commit. Notice. Specify. Attend.

*What say you?


Here’s to the container of Continuity corralling, creating, caressing the careening craft of charismatic collaboration in the colossal collage of co-mingling. To the power of attention, to the continuous with, in support of mutuality!


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