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5/10 Class SPECIFICITY- Permission & Reception


*Be specific. Whatever it is you’re doing, be specific!

*What happens as you become specific? What do you notice?

*What does specific mean, not mean to you?

*What is the opposite of specific? Try that on. What do you notice?


I use specificity for clarity, exactness, purpose. Shifting to specific I experience a heightening and focusing of my awareness. I expand and relax when I attend to detail. The clearer I am with what I’m doing the more aware I become of what I’m not doing, what else is possible. More attention equals more connection equals more freedom.

*Does specificity do this for you? If not, what does amplify your attention to detail in the present moment?


In C.I. the directive is ‘to care for oneself, first’. In order to do that, we assume 100% responsibility for our experience and 100% response-ability by our power to affect our experience in each moment. 100% means specific care in every area of one’s being. 100% personal responsibility is a big deal considering our culture of rules, judgment and blame!

Acknowledging the agenda that underlies your actions puts you more specifically at choice point with the experience you’re having. You can choose to change what you’re doing to change the experience you’re having. Intent is there, even if the intent is to have no intention! What is yours? You are responsible to and for it.

It is your 100% responsibility to make choices that support You. If each You does this at the shared point of contact, then all Yous are cared for.

*Consider your relationship to the premise of !00% personal responsibility. What do you notice? How do you relate to that premise?

*Consider why you came to class. What was your purpose? How will you specifically support your purpose and interests, in order to leave having your needs met?


Interdependent C.I. works by committing to unity as the basis for autonomy. Improvisation is the expression of our autonomies. Contact is the unifier.

Communication occurs according to how people permit themselves to use the point/s of contact, continuously, to send and receive information. The following structure is a simple practice and an endless source of information about permission and receiving, and the relationship between the two.

*Explore permission and reception by playing a game of moving and being moved. One person explores how they can use the contact (with their partner and the floor) to move themselves and to move their partner. The other person uses the contact to receive their partner’s choices and to allow themself to be moved.

Gather information-

*How much and what kind of permission do you give yourself to explore, use, play with another body?

*How and to what extent do you receive your partner and their choices?

*How and to what extent do you allow your partner to use you to explore their options?

Note: What makes this and all explorations safe, and therefore unlimited, is the individual 100% response-ability to Adjust For Comfort. AFC and you shall receive!

*Track your comfort.

*Do you accept what is as it is or do you need what is to change?

*When change is called for, use the contact to change your part in what is.

*What is the least adjustment necessary to achieve comfort?

Adjusting for comfort may also include using words to express your reality or check in with our partner’s reality. Repetitive thoughts or questions about what is happening distract from the direct experience of what is happening.

*Notice and experiment with when it is useful to hold thoughts/questions to glean from them and when it is useful to move them along by speaking them.


*Have a dance in which you explore the permission and reception inherent in the statement- ALL THE BODY PARTS ARE MINE

*Notice what you notice. How does this specific mindset affect your dance?


When C.I. is interdependent we become one body with our partner and we each direct our own experience. All the body parts and their inherent autonomy are mine, to be aware of and play with for the sake of 100% satisfaction, moment by moment.

Use of the contact to communicate establishes unity as the basis for autonomy, establishes contact as the source of the improvisation.

Use of the contact to discover and accept your partner’s choices honors their autonomy.

Use of the contact to relate to your partner’s choices, in order to care for yourself, ensures your autonomy.


Dance the dance that unfolds according to 100% connection and response-ability for the purpose of mutual wellbeing.



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