We chewed on ‘trust’ in the C.I. LAB.

Deb Katz offered that ‘we can trust anyone to do anything at any time’. If we assume this as the freedom inherent in the improvisation and combine it with the directive in C.I. to take care of ourselves, then our responsibility is to cultivate trust in ourselves rather than in our partner.

What does it mean to trust one’s self? How do you do that? Where do you trust yourself? Where do you not trust yourself? How do you build trust within?

One of the ways I build trust in myself is through reflection. Looking back on my experience last night I remember being distracted by challenges  earlier in the day. My truth was that I only had enough attention for dancing with one other person. Yet, I kept finding myself in bigger groupings. Usually when that happens I trust it and say something or remove myself, but instead did not. Today I’m left with a sadness, a disappointment in myself for not trusting and acting on the truth within. Not doing so diminished my presence and contribution. Reflection is a powerful tool to check the alignment of my knowing and doing. In this case, to remind me of the importance of trusting and honoring what is as my guide to being in relationship.

How do you relate to the word trust? Please comment!


3 comments on “Trust

  1. Carolyn,

    Yes….I think, for me….that my major problem was trusting myself….

    I’ve not been there at the jam for some time due to my back problems….but think of you and it a lot. I look forward to coming again….

    Be good, my friend…..richardbell

    • we’re here! how about coming to the LAB to explore what it means to trust yourself and care for your back in the dance?
      ’til soon ;~) carolyn

  2. Carolyn, I trust my sense of how you are thinking here! And I feel that learning edge of trusting myself to act on my deep knowing and impulses in this life.

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