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But, why WOW?

But, why the ‘WOW’ of Contact?



It’s the Wonder Of We, the Way Of With

that loves and respects us both

as we are

claiming the power of choice

in every moment

to serve us both.


C.I. is of the body, by the body, for the Being.

C.I. as a practice builds understanding of and ability for personal power and compassion, physicality and artistry, bodymind health and well-being. It is a one-stop shop for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.  WOW.


Come explore the fine art of being present with what is, inside and out, and the power to act in behalf of what’s needed at ~ The WOW of Contact 2014 ~

Five days to immerse in becoming intimate with the present moment and the infinite possibilities therein. Five days to be held and cared for by nature and her hot waters and the amazing staff at Breitenbush Hot Springs. A time to focus on, honor and listen, to the you that lies at the heart of all you do, the source of you.   WOW.

AND! the WOW is a blast!! So, Come. Call today 503-854-3320


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