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The Vastness & the Foci

Do you ever get overwhelmed in Contact Improvisation?

A WOW of Contact is its vastness. The possibilities are infinite.

This vastness could be a source of overwhelm if it weren’t for another WOW of Contact. It exists only in the moment, one possibility at a time. We have unlimited resources to care of ourselves and one option at a time is doable. Bringing awareness to just this moment anchors the vastness.

Each moment is special. The moment is what it is and it is the choice point that determines its own evolution! Evolution is expansion. To expand we play with our choices, get to know them and how they relate, one moment at a time.

An element of play is focus. Focus focuses. Focus is an antidote to overwhelm. One focus at a time anchors and informs expansion.

I love foci! Focus permits me to give myself to something, to define and own my process of investigation. Foci are per/mission pursuit permissions!

I’ll be using this blog area to post various foci (games) to try on and glean from.

And please do use the ‘Leave a Reply’ below with your findings, your foci!Image

Show up at the LAB and the WOW to share and explore the infinite possibilities, one at a time, in the moment.

If you receive value from these donated foci feel free to use the donation button ;~) >>>>>

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