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considering the one and only directive C.I.~ to take care of yourself, first


is about caring
it is a practice of caring
caring while moving in contact

in contact
attending to what is
what i am doing, what you are doing
is to care

in contact
coming to our senses in order to feel
to feel in order to sense
what is needed
is to care

in contact
responsible for what happens
to the me and the you of we
now and now and now
is to care

in contact
using what’s there, or not, either way
to stay with what’s there
there, with, is caring

care is a gift
is a gift if and when received
caring is being willing to be received

caring cares
and cared for means
free to be the Me and Me of WE


Consider immersing in the exploration of how you care for yourself via the point of contact- 5 days in, heart of winter, warm water, small group, curious supportive atmosphere!   January 12-17 @ Breitenbush Hot Springs


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