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There are hands that grab. Hands that want to DO something. Usually TO you.

There are hands that don’t do anything. They seem unconnected to a partner or to their own body.

Tuesday, we explored ways to integrate hands with the entire body.

Thinking differently creates new ways of dancing.

Can the hands extend softly? Can the entire arm be a sense organ of support for yourself and your partner?

What does that feel like? What does that look like?

How does paying attention to one body part affect the entire dancing body?


These hands are braced and supporting.


Extending the fingers and hand into space connects all to the core and offers support.



Hands accessing support- from a partner, from the floor, from reaching out into space….


About PatrickGracewood

I'm a sculptor and designer. I'm fascinated by the intersection of movement and time. Sculpture is as close to eternal as mortal creation can get, Nefertiti anyone? Yet it exists in our daily world to give us pause, slow us down, reflect.....

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