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Water Snake

One of the reasons I stay fascinated with Contact Improvisation is it’s design to be an ‘open’ form. That means that it was not codified. Instead, it was left open for the ‘exploration’ of what it means to maintain contact and move.
So, ideally, there are as many ways to ‘do’ Contact Improvisation as there are people doing it!

Over time I’ve been interested in the range and specifics of how people dance ‘in contact’. At the moment I’m calling one end of the range Simultaneous Opportunity and the other end Interdependence.

In both modes partners can maintain a great deal of contact with each other, but the nature and purpose of the contact differs.

With Simultaneous Opportunity, partners tend to maintain their own centers and use the contact to track opportunities, relay signals and realize outcomes. In Interdependence, partners use the contact to merge and negotiate their differences in the moment, involved in the process rather than the destination.

It is useful to identify how you dance in order to study what else is possible. Greater options offer greater potential for satisfaction.



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